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How to Stop Repossession of Car Houston Texas How to Stop Repossession of Car Houston Texas? There are several ways to do this.  The first questions must be asked why is the creditor taking your car?  It is because you did not pay the note or do not have insurance.  This the is typically reason.  The obvious way to get the car back is to pay the payments or get insurance.  I am a bankruptcy attorney in H
Foreclosure Home Stop Foreclosure Home Stop is the keyword that brought you to my blog post.  I am an attorney in Houston, Texas who helps people stay in their holmes.  Foreclosure in Texas is always the 1st Tuesday of month.  Holidays do not matter.  I have attached my notice for chapter 13 bankruptcy as to evidence the power of a chapter 13 bankruptcy in staying the foreclosure.  Now, you may have rece
When to file Bankruptcy When  to file bankruptcy will depend on the objective you have in filing bankruptcy.  Are you trying to stop a foreclosure or a vehicle repossession?  How about a lawsuit?  Foreclosures in Texas always take place on the 1st Tuesday on the month.  Repossession can occur at any time but typically you will have 10 days to get your vehicle back if you file bankruptcy or if you exercise your state right of redempt
What is a bankruptcy trustee   What is a bankruptcy trustee in Houston, Texas? This article is addressed to the chapter 13 trustee program in Houston, Texas. Your Chapter 13 case is assigned to a Trustee by the US Bankruptcy Court. In the Southern District of Texas there are assigned only two trustees to oversee the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases. Once assigned to a trustee after the filing of your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy your Chapter 13 tr
Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Houston Texas.  Outlined below are the instructions used to prepare your bankruptcy schedules.  This is the internal procedure used by my law firm in training and preparing my staff to prosecute your case.  This procedural manual was written by Sandi Barnett, my office manager and senior paralegal.   INSTRUCTIONS TO INPUT AND PREP
Bankruptcy Law Office Houston Bankruptcy Law Office Houston, Texas Busby & Associates was founded in 2002.  We have filed over 3,000 bankruptcies in the Houston and Galveston divisions of the Federal Southern District court of Texas.  Michael Busby Jr. is the founder and principal shareholder.  Mike primary works in the family law section, while Eric Southward runs the bankruptcy department.  Eric and Mike started to work togeth
Lawyer for Bankruptcy Looking for a lawyer for bankruptcy?  Times are tough?  Cannot make the payments on the bills?  Bankruptcy is meant to give folks a fresh start after hard times, such as a job loss or a illness.   BANKRUPTCY LAW IS A FEDERAL LAW.  THIS SHEET GIVES SOME GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS IN A BANKRUPTCY CASE.  THE INFORMATION HERE IS NOT COMP
Emgerency Bankruptcy Filing Houston Emergency Bankruptcy Filing Houston is necessary because you have an emergency car repossession or a foreclosure?  Bankruptcy filing is a federal lawsuit and the paperwork is a chore.  Never fear, I can get your case filed in about 1 hour.  With your help of course.  Enclosed you will find my instructions after the filing to keep you in the bankruptcy INFORMATION NECESSARY TO
U.S. Bankruptcy Court Houston Directions to Court House @ 515 Rusk St. U.S. Bankruptcy Court Houston   From 59 South (Sugar Land):Take Left ramp on 59 north, take the I-45 Le
Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer Houston  Cheap bankruptcy Lawyer Houston needed? Because you are broke? We can help read below and call us at (713) 974-1151 to discuss your case. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy $1000 Fixed Fee Plus Costs
Texas Repossession If you car or truck was repossessed; you CAN STOP IT IN TEXAS!  Even AFTER repossession,  you CAN GET YOUR TRUCK back. Do not despair. We utilize Chapter 13 bankruptcy to get your car or truck back because even if it has been Texas repossessed, you still retain a possessory interest in the vehicle through your right to redemption. As the Texas repossession l
El Administrador David G. Peake David G. Peake es el síndico de bancarrota de capítulo 13 en el distrito sur de Texas. Una vez que el caso es asignado a David G. Peake los deudores son programados a una reunión de acreedores aproximadamente 30-45 días. David G. Peake requiere 2 años de declaraciones de impuestos que presente a su oficina dentro de 10 días de la reunión de acreedores junto con sus programas. Si el deudor es autón
 Bankruptcy Katy Texas  1.  What is Chapter 7 and how does it work? Bankruptcy Katy Texas Chapter 7 is that part of the federal bankruptcy law that permits a person to be released from personal liability for his or her unsecured debts except those listed below in paragraph 3.  The debtor is allowed to keep all exempt property.  The debtor must attend a brief meeting about one month after the filing of the
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Katy Texas How does filing under chapter 13 affect lawsuits and attachments against the debtor?   Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Katy Texas. The filing of a chapter 13 case automatically stays (stops) all lawsuits, attachments, garnishments, and other action by creditors against the debtor and his property for as long as the chapter 13 case lasts. A few days after the case is filed, a notice is mailed by the cou
 Bankruptcy Attorney Sugarland Texas Choose the kind of bankruptcy that best meets your needs in Sugarland Texas: WHEN YOU FILE BANKRUPTCY: Bankruptcy Attorney Sugarland Texas, Chapter 7- A trustee is appointed to take over your property. Any property of value will be sold or turned into money to pay your creditors. You may be able to keep some personal items and possible real estate depending on the law of the state where you l
Stafford Texas Bankruptcy Attorney ¿HAT IS A BANKRUPTCY DISCHARGE AND HOW DOES IT OPERATE? Stafford, Texas Bankruptcy Attorney, Eric Southward, explains one of the reasons people file bankruptcy is to get a “discharge.” A discharge is a Court order which states that you do not have to pay most of your debts. Some debts cannot be discharged. For example, you cannot discharge debts for- • most taxes; • child support;
Sugarland Texas Bankruptcy Information Sugarland Texas Bankruptcy Information. What do creditors with mortgages against the debtor’s property do in a Chapter 7 case? Creditors with valid mortgages against the debtor’s property are usually permitted to repossess or foreclose on the property, if the value of the property does not exceed the amount secured by the property and the mortgage is in default. If the mortgage is current o
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Katy Texas What is Chapter 13 and how does it work? Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Katy Texas attorney Eric Southward explains that, Chapter 13 is that part of the federal bankruptcy laws that permits a person to repay all or a portion of his or her debts under the supervision and protection of the bankruptcy court. Under chapter 13, the person filing the case, who is called the debtor, submits a plan
Keeping your House and Car in Bankruptcy You can keep your personal effects in bankruptcy provided they are exempt property and not subject to execution by your creditors or you pay the value of your non-exempt property back to your creditors.  This is called a reaffirmation agreement in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. WHAT IS A REAFFIRMATION AGREEMENT?   Keeping your House and Car in Bankruptcy explains Mr. Southward
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Houston Trustee Trustee David G. Peake Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Houston Trustee, David G. Peake is one of the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee in Southern District of Texas. Once the case is assigned to David G. Peake debtors are scheduled a Meeting of Creditors about 30-45 days out.  David G. Peake requires last 2 years of tax returns submitted to his office within 10 day of Meeti