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Finding a Family Law Attorney in Houston TX

If you are searching for Houston family law attorneys including Houston divorce lawyers, consider Busby & Associates. Both of us, Michael Busby and Andrew Iwata, do appear in family court 3 to 5 days a week. We are mostly in Harris County and Fort Bend County, although we appear in other counties on certain occasions too.

Houston Family Law Services Include:

  1. Divorce
  2. Suit affecting the Parent Child Relationship
  3. Adoptions
  4. Termination of Parental Rights
  5. Collecting back child support or spousal support
  6. Terminating wage withholding for overpaid child support
  7. Nuptials agreements
  8. Annulments
  9. Suits to declare the marriage void
  10. Children born during the marriage but not of the marriage (the wife had another man’s baby)
  11. Missing spouse or publication divorce
  12. Protective Orders
  13. Modifications to Support and Parenting orders
  14. Enforcement of family law and divorce orders for possession, payment of support or other debts and obligations under the family law order.
  15. Collection of Support in a bankruptcy
  16. Lifting the Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy to purse your ex for support or enforce the family law order
  17. Domestication of foreign orders for enforcement in Texas or defense from enforcement of a foreign order
  18. International family law and divorce issues
  19. Interstate family law and divorce cases
  20. Exemption Planning in Divorce

There may be other facts that would require the filing of a family law or divorce case which are not itemized above, and you can come to our office to discuss such cases.

Harris County, Texas has 10 judges and 10 associate judges; Fort Bend County, Texas has 3 judges and 2 associate judges. Both counties have title 4 courts for attorney general cases and we appear in those courts frequently. Having an attorney who has been in front of your judge on numerous occasions can help you with the costs associated with the suit as well as with how to proceed. Many judges, although objective, take different viewpoints on the law and thus reach different conclusions on the facts of the case. An inexperienced attorney could prove to be quite dangerous for the client and be costly as well.

One of the best characteristics of our Divorce and Family Law practice is that we respond quickly to our clients and potential clients. We believe that every client deserves individual attention and the best representation possible. We understand that Family Law matters can be highly stressful and that you want answers fast. The lawyers and staff in our office are all well- equipped and available to provide answers to your Divorce and Family Law questions when you need those answers quickly. That’s why our office is open Monday through Saturday for consultations. We also have evening hours usually on Wednesdays. We make every effort to file your case within one business day. If you have an agreement, we can get you a final decree of divorce and a waiver within 5 business days of the case being filed. Texas does have a sixty-day waiting period before you can complete the divorce process. Still, I prefer to get the documents out to clients so that they can determine how fast they want to complete the process.

If it is going to be a fight, then we stand ready to assist and advise you through the process. Our team of attorneys in Houston will be prepared for your hearing or trial. With our courtroom experience, your chances of success will be greatly increased. Fights are seldom a pleasant experience. At the same time our firm acknowledges that when two people have shared an intimate relationship, the fight is personal. When the time comes to take the gloves off, we will be prepared and be right there by your side. We will prepare for the worst but expect the best. You may lose faith but never hope.

Houston Family Law Matters

We understand that Divorce and Family Law matters could be one of the most difficult experiences of your life. We know that the people involved need relief quickly. CALL US TODAY! We will take the time to consult with you about your Divorce or Family Law matter and give you an evaluation of the law as it pertains to your case and explain your possible options.

Award Winning BUSBY & ASSOCIATES Family Law Attorneys

We are proud to have Award-winning Best Divorce Lawyers in Houston, Texas. Our Lawyers are honored to receive this Award and Recognition, and our firm has tried over 200 family law and divorce cases over the last 16 years. A significant number of lawyers were awarded for doing their best. Expertise.com has also featured us with an A+ rating in reputation and professionalism.