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Divorce Litigation

Divorce litigation refers to a legal remedy which is used when the spouses want to dissolve their marriage but cannot agree to its terms. If the divorcing spouses can negotiate an agreement, no litigation need occurs. The divorce lawyers simply draft the agreement, the court reviews and approves the agreement, and the divorce is finalized by the court. In Harris County, Texas, the divorce cases are handled by a family court. This is a court of limited jurisdiction that handles only family law cases, as opposed to criminal or civil cases.

Divorce Litigation Defined

Litigation in a divorce or family law case often includes requests for production of documents, request for disclosure, written interrogatories, depositions, pre-trial motions such as special appearances and challenges to the jurisdiction, preparation of the inventories needed to divide property, proposed property divisions and investigations by third party attorneys such as amicus attorneys and attorney ad-litems. While the terms mentioned here may sound foreign to you, you would be surprised how many lawyers have difficulty with this kind of paperwork and with such terms. Filing for a divorce and/or for other family law matters, means that a third party needs to examine your facts and what is fair in your relationship. Rules and laws guide us, at the same time, gamesmanship is also employed by the lawyers and the parties involved every day to tackle these family law matters. Having a lawyer who has tried cases in front of your judge and knows the courthouse gossip may help you to win your family law case.