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Attorney Fees

Attorney’s fee charged by Busby & Associates for the bankruptcy & Family Law cases is explained below for your convenience.

Bankruptcy Fees

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Our Attorney Fees for chapter 7 Bankruptcy start at $799 plus additional costs of credit counseling which average about $73 and the filing fee of $335.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Our Attorney Fees to file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy average about $750. Once the case is filed you will enjoy the protection of the automatic stay. This includes the filing fee of $310 and costs of credit counseling. The balance is paid through a trustee in your chapter 13 bankruptcy. The average costs for a chapter 13 are about $4,800 in the Houston and Galveston Divisions of the Southern District of Texas.

Your final fee quote in both, chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy, is based on:

  1. Have you filed the last 4 years taxes?
  2. Are you facing a repossession or a foreclosure?
  3. Are you self employed, unemployed, or employed as a w-2 wage earner?
  4. How many creditors and amount of debt are you carrying?
  5. What is the nature of your debt?
  6. What kind of property do you own?
  7. What is your total household income and how many people live with you?
  8. How many lawsuits do you have pending against you?
  9. How many bank accounts do you have?
  10. How many times have you filed bankruptcy in the past 8 years?

Family Law Attorney Fees


Our fees for an uncontested divorce start at $1,000 plus the filing fee of between $280 and $310 depending on your county of residence and whether your divorce involves children.  My practice is limited primarily to Harris and Fort  Bend County, Texas for Family Law Matters.  While the Bankruptcy practice is much larger for the counties served based on the counties who are part of the Federal Houston and Galveston divisions of the Southern District of Texas.

For other Family Law matters such as child support enforcement, adoption, and modification, you will have to make an appointment to discuss your case with one of our attorneys who will quote you an estimate on the fees for which you will be billed hourly and a retainer which would be required.

The retainer for a contested or default Family Law matter including divorce starts at $2,000.  If there are property and child disputes, it is likely that the fee quotes will be much higher.  Please call us to discuss your facts and allow us to explain the procedure as well as discuss strategy with you.

Award Winning BUSBY & ASSOCIATES Family Law Attorneys

We are proud to have Award-winning Best Divorce Lawyers in Houston, Texas. Our Lawyers are honored to receive this Award and Recognition, and our firm has tried over 200 family law and divorce cases over the last 16 years. A significant number of lawyers were awarded for doing their best. Expertise.com has also featured us with an A+ rating in reputation and professionalism.