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Hiring a Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer: Getting a Fresh Start
Many people need a fresh start in their financial lives, which is why they turn to Houston Texas bankruptcy lawyers for information and counsel.
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Houston Divorce Attorney: Texas Divorce During an Economic Recession
Every Houston divorce attorney may have different experiences in the number of divorces they handle during an economic recession; but most do notice some kind of a change in how many clients choose to file during hard economic times.
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Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Getting the Help of Bankruptcy Lawyers in Houston
So, you have considered the many advantages and disadvantages of filing for bankruptcy, and now you would like to know what your options are.
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Bankruptcy in Houston: Finding a Houston Bankruptcy Attorney During Today’s Tough Recession
Bankruptcy in Houston should never be taken lightly, because this is one financial act that can affect your credit for many years to come and may even prevent you from purchasing a home or a vehicle.
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Divorce Attorneys in Houston: When is it Necessary to Hire a Family Law Attorney?
Not every individual in a marriage that is experiencing trouble should begin looking for a family law attorney; but there does come a time when it is prudent to begin searching for Houston divorce lawyers.
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Houston Divorce and Family Law Resources
Resources for Divorce and Family Law
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Top Houston Law Firm Busby & Associates Advises Community on Debt Collection in Texas
The legality of the debt collection process varies from state to state and adds to the complexity of the process for many consumers – fueling the ongoing education effort of the associates at Busby & Associates.
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Bankruptcy Law in Texas: Make It Work for You
When you get behind in paying off your debts, you may feel as if you will never be able to quite catch up; your mailbox may seem to be filling up with bills faster than you can deposit money into your bank account.
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Punishing the Deadbeat Dad: Child Support in Texas
The State of Texas does not take “deadbeat dads”, or fathers who refuse to pay child support, lightly. In fact, the Office of the Attorney General has a Child Support Division that is dedicated to enforcing the laws surrounding child support in Texas.
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Houston Family Attorney in Child Custody Cases
Divorce is a difficult process, regardless of whether or not children are involved. However, if a marriage does involve children, there is a decision to be made about where the children will live after a divorce.
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Rebuilding Credit with Houston Bankruptcy Attorneys
In today’s uncertain economic environment, many Houston residents find that their credit has taken a hit; and many of these same consumers have questions about how to best go about rebuilding their credit.
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Houston Divorce Attorney- Steps for Beginning the Divorce Process
A divorce is quite possibly the most emotionally trying situation anyone might ever face.
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Introduction To Premarital Agreements For The Layperson
I am a divorce lawyer in Houston, Texas. After they are divorced, most of my clients state that they will NEVER get married again.
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Child Custody Lawyer in Houston- Your Rights under the Texas Family Code
Child custody disputes are among the most expensive and damaging cases in the legal arena.
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Bankruptcy Lawyer in Houston – Do You Need One
If you’re living in the Houston area and trying to decide if filing for bankruptcy is the correct choice for you, your family, or business, there are a few things to consider before meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer in Houston.
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On Children Born During the Marriage But Not of the Marriage
From time to time, clients come into our office with the following scenario…
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Stuck In Foreclosure? We Can Help!
If you are facing foreclosure, you are not alone. Many Americans find themselves in financial difficulty and in danger of foreclosure.Read Full Article

The process of globalization possesses great challenges to a country such as Ireland that has an open economy and a strategic dependence on international trade.Read Full Article

Characterization And The Judicial Power To Divide Marital Property
The community property system recognizes the spouses’ joint ownership in assets acquired during marriage.Read Full Article

10 Things You Should Know About: Bankruptcy
Yes, the bankruptcy laws did go through a major change in October 2005. However, no matter what you have been told, bankruptcy protection is still available for everyone.Read Full Article

10 Things You Should Know About: Divorce In Houston Or Divorce In Harris County, Texas
The first thing you should know when you are meeting a divorce attorney in Houston and Harris County, Texas is the residency requirements.Read Full Article


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