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If you think you may have a deal with your spouse on the divorce, then you would want them to sign a waiver of service.  To serve someone with process starts at $60 and go run into several thousands dollars in their are in a foreign country.  The form of the waiver is below. The waiver is no good if you sign before the case is filed. 
The form used in below.  This is a standard form for divorces and many suit affecting the parent child relationship in Houston, Texas.  I typically appear in this type of hearing at least once a week. NO. _______________________
Texas bankruptcy exemptions are a very important if you are filing for bankruptcy. These exemptions cannot be seized and sold by creditors to pay your debts. To learn more about Texas exemptions, you will need to hire a bankruptcy attorney. If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy you absolutely need to hire a lawyer. There is no way you could navigate this tough situation alone. With so many laws in place to protect creditors and debto
Before filing for divorce here are some pointers.  Be careful about destroying evidence as this may cause you problems later.  At the same time, you want to review this list and attempt to cushion any negative impact your actions prior to filing divorce may had on your decision making.  Some pointers for you: Do check soci
Houston Texas Divorce Lawyer, Busby & Associates is a full-service family law firm that can assist you with every aspect of your divorce, including: Child      Custody Property      Division Retirement      Fund Division Name      Changes Mediation
Uncontested Divorce Houston Texas is started by filing a petition for divorce.  You must pay the clerk a filing fee of $232 to $262 to issue a cause number. This would be filed at  the district clerk office at 201 Caroline 2nd Floor Houston, Texas.   You have petitioned for dissolution of your marriage.  This is a lawsuit.  Unconte
The 246th Divorce Court Houston Texas is located at 201 Caroline 16th Floor as of June 2, 2014, Houston, Texas 77002.  Judge Charley presides with his associate serving is Chelsie Ramos.   You can find the court website at  here.  You can also view the pleading
Divorce Court Houston Parenting Class Texas Guide. Please Classes are not in any certain order.  Dates and times are subject to change.  Most classes require pre-registration.  Please call the sponsor before attending any workshop or seminar.  At the time of writing this blog post, only one of the nine family law divo
A Houston Divorce Attorney  may have learned through the Harris County Justice information Management System that your spouse has filed for DIVORCE. You must act QUICKLY to protect your rights. If you do nothing, your spouse may take a default judgment AGAINST YOU! Busby & Associates P.C.  Busby &a
The 245th Divorce Court of Houston Texas is located at 201 Caroline, 15th Floor Houston, Texas 77002.  The Courts website may be found here. You may check your case with the district clerk. The pleadi
The 308th Divorce Court Houston Texas  website may be found here.   You can check on your case at  the district clerks website located at district clerk.  This court is located at 201 Caroline
309th Divorce Court Houston Texas is staffed with Judge Sherri Dean who  is the presiding Judge with Judge Beverly Malazzo acting as her associate. The courts website may be found at here.  You can check on your case at the district clerks website located
Divorce can be one of the most painful experiences you will ever face. My name is Tamber and I am a Divorce Coach in Houston, Texas.  It can be painful for you and for your family, especially your children. Denial, grief, depression, anger, rage, confusion and desperation…these are some of the things you may be feeling. We know th
Houston, Texas Divorce Court 310th Harris County is a family law and divorce court located at 201 Caroline in the new civil courts buildings on the 15th floor.   Judge Millard is the presiding judge with Judge Moren her associate. The courts webpage can be found
The 247th Divorce Court of Houston Texas is located on the 15th floor of 201 Caroline in the new civil courts building of Harris County Texas. You can check documents filed in your case and pending settings by going to the district clerks website at district clerk. T
The Houston Texas Divorce Court 311th of Harris County, Texas hears family law matters generally from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The 311th   Judicial District of Harris County Texas is located on the 8th floor of the New Civil Law building at 201 Caroline,  Houston Texas.  This court hears divorce and other f
At the beginning of the case, you will need to prepare your pleadings such that every single cause of action is plead.  Look to see if you have a jury issue.  Jury issues include who can be primary of the child, if no children, then fault in the divorce can be a jury issue along with characterization of property.  Ask for temporary orde
Well now, that is a first, is it not.  How many lawyers are going to tell you how to lose. You generally lose when a combination of the following events occur: 1. You fail to show up at court 2. You hire a peckerhead lawyer 3. You are belligerent with the judge 4. You are late for court 5. You lie to the judge Finally, t
Competency in dealing with Change and Stress  during times of change and dealing with stress can be trying during "normal" times. Throw in a bankruptcy or divorce and the stress levels rise add children, in-laws, who gets what? what will I do? how will I survive? what will my friends and parents think? Your internal dialo
257th Judicial District Court of Harris County Texas is located at 201 Caroline, 16th Floor Houston, Texas 77002 as of June 2, 2014.  Judge Judy Warne is the presiding Judge and Judge Patterson is her associate. You can find information about your case from the district clerk at