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In the 21st Century women in the west have become symbols of power and equality. They take charge and it is often seen that woman even outrank men. However, a lot of women still don’t have a voice when looking to the East and we as a nation need to ensure that our political beliefs don’t regress back to these archaic notions while at the same time still respecting the religious systems found in the East.

Although it is clear that women have achieved much in this modern day and age, a lot of women are still trapped in marriages where they are abused, raped and blackmailed. We pride ourselves on being more civilized in the West yet our women suffer still. America represents freedom and is founded on the notion of tolerance to one another’s religious beliefs. That should not change. But we should put an effort into building stronger foundations than just mutual tolerance. There should be respect and an ethical moral code which doesn’t undermine a women’s importance whether you are atheist, Catholic, Islam, Muslim, Jewish or Christian.

One of the most stereotypical thoughts is that divorce is a bad thing and that a marriage should last a life time. Whether or not you agree on the lasting effects marriage should have, divorce should always be an option. Not because of love lost or promises that were broken, but because people change and that divorce gives women that are trapped in horrific marriages a way out. Domestic violence should not be tolerated no matter the religion.

Small towns as well as big cities always have a place where a divorce can be requested. In Houston Texas, there are more than 253 different Law Firms where a divorce can be acquired with a qualified divorce attorney.  You can get a Houston divorce lawyer, a Baytown divorce lawyer, a Bellaire divorce lawyer or anywhere else in Harris County. As a woman, you do not have to be trapped as there are offices and firms all over the county.

Houston is the fourth largest city in America and thus has more incidents of domestic violence and such. They have the capacity to help victimized women and children as well as the experience and knowledge. According to the US census report in 2009 the national divorce rate in the south was for every 1 000 men was 10.2 and for women 10.7. This shows that women also have the power to end toxic and harmful marriages.

Although divorce is not always a bad thing, there must also be kept in mind that most divorces affect children as well. Most people believe that it is bad for parents to split up because it causes psychological damage to children that can lead to commitment issues and various other problems. The pros and the cons should be weighed in this instance because although divorce can have a negative effect on a child, the mental damage done to a child whom has to watch a parent suffer is much worse.

Divorce attorneys have a responsibility towards their clients and have to rise to the occasion to ensure their clients welfare no matter what type of lawyer you are or where you are situated. Whether you are a Houston divorce lawyer, a Baytown divorce lawyer or a Bellaire divorce lawyer, there needs to be an atmosphere of efficiency and respect. There needs to be a change of heart in lawyers everywhere where they work to help the victimized.

The conclusion can be made that America and the West must revise our foundation of religious tolerance so that women and children do not suffer and the stereotypical belief that divorce is a bad thing should be eradicated. The power of divorce can lead to freedom of the mind, body and spirit.



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