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The Honorable David Farr of the 312th Judicial District Of Harris Court Texas Family Court is located on 201 Caroline 16th Floor Houston, Texas 77002 as of June 2, 2014.  I have 14 years of practicing law before the 312th Judicial District of Harris County Texas Divorce Court.  Judge Squire and Judge Burg were for many years looked at
"Transform Your Life" the first three words to transform your life all begin with "C".  What "C" words am I speaking of and how will they transform your life.  Why they are Clarity, Courage and Commitment.  These three words when used and implemented correctly will create a hu
Emotional Intelligence/ Relationships/ Money, In studies done by Harvard business school it was revealed that emotional intelligence effected income more than intellect.  Wow this raised questions for me! The two that first came to mind is what is emotional intelligence and how can it be raised? Here is what I have discovered on my journ
Just as you hire an attorney to guide you through the legal aspects of you divorce, you can hire a divorce coach to guide you through the emotional aspects of your divorce in Houston, Texas. Because divorce is such an emotionally charged event, it is sometimes challenging for a person to distinguish the emotional aspects from the legal
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While the parties are working out issues that can be agreed upon, an/or discovering what cannot be agreed upon, either party may  ask the court to put temporary orders in place until  the divorce is finalized. Sometimes you are served the day before the hearing.  3 days notice is not always enforced when service of temporary orders is m
Financial security is important to many people because it is what helps them build a future with a home, car and investments. Unfortunately, life events may not always cooperate and sometimes individuals get so far behind on payments that they are in danger of losing everything they have worked so hard for. When this happens, there are several options to consider such as credit counseling, debt consolidation, debt settlements or, as a last resort
Bankruptcy is never an easy thing to go through no matter who you are or where you live. It takes a lot of financial hardship for a person to decide to file for bankruptcy. Lawyers, creditors, and other family members have to get involved. Judges make decisions for the person filing for bankruptcy. It is a tough phase that requires careful navigation. Lawyers who are experienced in bankruptcy are available to help. In Texas, there are bankrupt
Members of the Houston Bar Association received the following announcement November 25th 2014: Please be advised that the 311th and 308th Judicial District Courts will be moving to their new courtrooms on the 8th floor of 201 Carol
Judge Dean has announced the replaced for Judge Charley Prine.  Judge Prine won the election for the 246th and will be moving over at the end of the year.   Beverly B. Malazzo earned her Doctor of Jurisprudence from South Texas College of Law in 1992.  She also holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees from Texas A&