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Divorce, a Midlife Crisis

Divorce Midlife Crisis

So people believe that divorce is a good thing, helping spouses out of physical or emotional abuse, getting children away from an abusive father or mother and helping yourself to a better life away from someone else’s trouble. But is it that straightforward? The recent trend seems to be that as soon as the children are out of the house the marriage is over because the couple no longer has something in common. Isn’t marriage supposed to be about growing old together and bearing life’s trouble together?

It seems that this statement no longer holds true. If a couple stays together for the sake of the child, how healthy can their home environment be when the parents actually have nothing in common and despise each other? Is divorce then a good thing? Or is this middle age divorce caused by something far more sinister like women going through menopause and men experiencing a mid-life crisis? Is that why divorce is so popular in the middle age group? Hormones run amok and that face you one loved now turn into one you so hate? If that is the case, can medicine cure this hormonal imbalance along with a good psychiatrist?

If that is the case, our overabundance of divorce lawyers will soon need new work [like the Baytown divorce lawyer or the Houston divorce lawyer].Or is it something much simpler than that? Will a marriage last longer when the people who get married are older and more experienced with financial stability? Will marriage last longer if getting divorced were more difficult and less acceptable by society’s standards? We need to re-evaluate the moral and ethical lessons we teach our children and it we need to re-enter the area we fixed something that was broken rather than just throwing it away.

Many people that have gone through divorce comment that they wished they had worked harder at making their relationship work instead of going through the suffering that the divorce have caused. If people than in reality started working harder, would our beloved lawyers [like the Baytown divorce lawyer or the Houston divorce lawyer] be out of a job? No, they wouldn’t, because as much as we wish things were different, mistakes need to be made in order to grow from them and learn from them.

People make mistakes all the time, some make the same mistake not just once or twice, but five or six times. Is it then a bad thing making this mistake when it comes to marriage or are you giving the economy a little boost? It seems that most also focus on what benefits them and what they can get out of the divorce, instead of thinking that the spouse you are divorcing is going through the same emotional pain you are at the moment.

We need to change this trend where we just up and decide to get a divorce because of our differences and try to find common ground again, even when the children are out of the house or one person has grown personally more than the other. If we can’t even live side by side with the supposed love of our lives, I tremble in fear when I think of our children’s future and the example we’re setting for them.


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Michael Busby is a Houston divorce lawyer who has been in practice for over 20 years and appears daily in the Family Law Courts of Harris County and Fort Bend County Texas

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