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Missouri City Bankruptcy Attorney

Consumer law attorneys at Busby & Associates help Missouri City, Texas residents whose vehicles, autos or cars have been repossessed by the finance company. Under Texas law, Missouri City resident’s vehicles cannot be sold at an auction for at least ten (10) days. This means that Missouri City bankruptcy lawyer at Busby & Associates has up to 10 (ten) days after the repossession to help them get their vehicles back. By filing a chapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy, the vehicle is under the protection of federal laws. When the chapter 13 bankruptcy is filed, the vehicle finance company MUST RETURN the reposseed vehicle to Missouri City residents. Then they will then pay back either the value of the vehicle or what is owed on it at 5.25% interest. When the chapter 13 repayment plan is done, then the vehicle will be paid off and the title will be returned to them.

Our Divorce Attorney

Missouri City divorce lawyer : Divorce attorneys at Busby & Associates help Missouri City, Texas residents who have made the decision to dissolve the marital relationship. Under Texas law, the divorce must be on file for not less than 60 days before the divorce can be granted. Our firm has a 5-7 day turnaround time in drafting and forwarding to you the final decree of divorce and supporting documents. Once the documents are signed, the waiting period has passed, then one court appearance would be required to complete and finalize the divorce. There is no waiting period for a suit affecting the parent child relationship. If you are only seeking child support and/or visitation, then the case can be concluded faster than the divorce. This would all require either service on the spouse or an agreement. If no service was made or no agreement have been made, then the case may be active for a year or more pending the court setting your case for final trial.