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loan modification help in Galveston County


Do you seek loan modification help in Galveston County or have a mortgage with Secure Mortgage Company, Frost Bank or St. Charles Mortgage LLC?

 Here is what you need to be aware of when seeking loan modification help in Galveston County

You may have seen the ads or heard the radio solicitations from these companies. You may have received offers in the mail. Your house may be up for foreclosure. You are looking for loan modification help in Galveston County. Should you turn to one of these companies that is advertising assistance?

We are not here to give an opinion about the value or worthiness of companies that offer loan modification help. Unfortunately however, we normally only see the aftermath. A consumer hired a company for loan modification help in Galveston County. Yet still the house was still put up for a foreclosure sale. We normally only see the failures of loan modification companies. Obviously there are successes too. We just want to make sure you avoid the scams.

We want to make sure you understand what a loan modification assistance company can and cannot do. We want to help you recognize a scam and help you understand your rights when dealing with a company that provides mortgage assistance relief services. We want to help you understand what is required when dealing with loan modification help companies.

Companies that provide mortgage loan modification help in Galveston County must comply with certain rules. If these companies provide mortgage assistance relief services, then they must comply with the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule (MARS). The FTC provides a fact sheet on the rule here.

Watch out for Scams when seeking loan modification help in Galveston County

Loan modification help companies advertise that they can stop or prevent foreclosure or negotiate or arrange a mortgage modification for you. If you have a loan with Secure Mortgage Company, Frost Bank or St. Charles Mortgage LLC, these loan modification assistance companies are NOT allowed to tell you that you should not or cannot contact your lender or mortgage company.

  • It is illegal for these companies to charge upfront fees
  • They are not allowed to misrepresent your obligation to make mortgage payments. For example, they cannot tell you stop making payments to increase the likelihood of getting a mortgage loan modification. If they do, then they must explain the consequences of not making payments.
  • These companies cannot mislead you by advertising misleading statements designed to make you think they are affiliated with the government, a non-profit, a lender or a mortgage servicer.
  • They cannot tell you the likelihood of success or the likelihood of a particulate result in getting a loan modification.
  • They are not allowed to tell you an expected timeframe for resolution.
  • They cannot mislead the terms of the loan modification offer. They must tell you that your lender may not agree to the terms they propose on your behalf.
  • They must tell you the total cost of the services and that you can stop using them at any time.
  • Finally, they cannot mislead you so you think that they are giving you legal advice and that you will receive legal representation. Most of these companies are NOT law firms or lawyers. They do NOT know the laws about foreclosures. Do NOT rely on them if your house is up for sale. If your house is up for a foreclosure sale, you should ALSO seek competent legal representation while pursuing a mortgage loan modification.

 Do NOT pay a company upfront when seeking loan modification help in Galveston County

The number one way to know you are NOT dealing with a compliant loan modification assistance company is if they require a payment upfront.

Under the mortgage assistance relief services rule, NO company providing these services can charge a fee up front. You are only required to pay for the services once you accept a written offer of mortgage relief from Secure Mortgage Company, Frost Bank or St. Charles Mortgage LLC that they deliver to you. Companies that provide mortgage relief services are not allowed to charge interim fees. This means that they cannot charge you for a consultation, gathering financial information, preparing or reviewing documents or for communicating with your lender.

If you do not receive the services that you think should have been provided, the loan modification assistance companies cannot mislead the terms of any refund from the funds you paid them.

 The best way to obtain loan modification help in Galveston County is from your current mortgage company

You probably do NOT need a company to help you obtain a mortgage loan modification. Most of our clients that received loan modification help in Montgomery County did it through their own efforts. And it did not take a lot of effort. Most mortgage companies like Secure Mortgage Company, Frost Bank or St. Charles Mortgage LLC have a special department set up to handle loan modifications. Most companies have specialized websites that contain all the information AND forms that you need to obtain a loan modification.

The forms that are required for loan modification help are nearly the same for each mortgage company. You will be required to fill out a request for mortgage assistance first. Most mortgage companies also require hardship application explaining why you need the help. You will be required to submit financial information that shows your proof of income and your monthly household budget. Pay stubs are the main way this information is provided. Finally, you be required to fill out IRS Form 4506T so your mortgage company can receive your recent tax returns.

Most of this information is available online at the Making Home Affordable website.

 We strongly urge you to contact your mortgage company directly for loan modification help in Galveston County

If you have a loan with Secure Mortgage Company, their customer service phone number is (409) 213-6793

If you have a loan with Frost Bank, their customer service phone number is (409) 763-1151

If you have a loan with St. Charles Mortgage LLC, their customer service phone number is (409) 229-7478

If you have a mortgage with a company that is not listed here, to obtain their contact information go to the Making Home Affordable website and find your mortgage company and/or mortgage servicer.

If your  is up for foreclosure or if you’ve tried to get loan modification help and failed, then you need to give the law firm of Busby and Associates a call. Sometimes a loan modification is very beneficial, sometimes it is not.

If your house is up for sale, you cannot wait for loan modification approval. You need to do something NOW! We are here to help. This is what we do for our clients. Our law firm has helped thousands of people save their houses. If you need help and you need it now, please give us a call.

Please visit our website for more information about us and bankruptcy. Call us today at (713) 974-1151 to schedule a no-obligation consultation or feel free to email us at [email protected]


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