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Knowing Your Rights

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Texas debt collection laws are not always easy to interpret. Hiring an experienced attorney is the key to understanding what your rights are and what the law says. Debt collection is legal in Texas however the way that debt collection agencies make contact with debtors is limited. If you know that your debt has been handed over to an agency and you fear the worst, contact an attorney to find out what your rights are. No two cases are identical so it is helpful to know what your legal rights are.

If you live in Texas, you should know that it is legal for debt collection agencies to contact you. They are permitted by law to make phone calls, send letters, and even call your family and friends. However, what they are not permitted to do is to harass, threaten, or otherwise harm you. Also they may not attempt to get family members to pay for your debt. In addition, they may call you at your place of employment but you can ask your boss to tell them not to call you at work. Finally, a debt collector may not threaten to put you in jail if you don’t pay.

A great way to get the collector to stop calling you is to write them a letter telling them to stop calling. Another way to stop the calls, emails, and junk mail, is to negotiate the repayment terms. It might just require you answering the phone and working out an agreement that you can live with. The debt collector wants to get the money, if you don’t have it, you can try to make smaller payments until it is paid off. Answering the calls may be just what it takes to get them to stop.

Texas debt collection laws are there to protect the debtor and the debt collectors. An experienced attorney can help with the interpretation of those laws. It is very important that if you owe money, you pay it. If you get the collector to stop calling, remember that you still owe the money. Figure out a way to get your debts paid off, don’t accumulate anymore, and those pesky phone calls and emails will eventually stop coming.


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