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Implementing the pathway to debt relief and financial independence

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Implementing the pathway to debt relief and financial independence

Financial independence depends totally on what you do and how you manage your finances. Independence concerns freedom, freedom from any form of binding. So, if it is about financial independence, you will have to be debt free. Furthermore, you will have to lead a financially stable life where you depend on nobody for money and for your earnings.

There in fact are a lot of things which you will have to do in order to arrive at a certain stage where you are comfortable with the shape your finances are in. This may help in ensuring that you need not obtain debt relief ever in your life.

Leading a financially independent life

Put a control over the way you spend from the beginning so that debt never goes out of hand. That is because, you may have to get debt relief help or file bankruptcy once the debt goes out of hand. Now, in order to lead a life free of debt and free of any financial worry you would be required to lead a diligently frugal life. You will also be required to gain knowledge on the rules regarding your debts and finances as a whole.

In order to practice proper control over your finances and your debts, you will have to:

  1. Understand the difference      between needs and wants – You will have to try and understand the      difference between what your everyday needs are and what are the wants.      Although, the two may seem to merge, you will have to make sure that you      understand the subtle difference between the two.
  2. Understand when to use      credit cards and when not to – Credit cards were mainly introduced for      emergency usage. The sooner you understand this, the better will it be for      you and the finances.
  3. Understand that debt can      both be good and bad – You should know that debt can both be good and bad      at the same time. Although this can sound disturbing, it actually is true.      Without you having a few debts like a one or two credit cards and a loan      or two, you may never be able to borrow easily when required. Only if you      have established and good credit, will the lenders and creditors be      interested in checking the application. What you will have to do is avoid      borrowing too much.
  4. Avoid missing any payments      on the debts owed – You should never make the mistake if missing payments      on the debts owed. Otherwise, it will only lead you deeper into debt. This      also has a negative effect on your credit.
  5. Set achievable plans and      goals which you can work on – Set a financial plan which you can follow      and a goal too, which you will work towards. This way, you will have      better control over your finances.
  6. Try your best in making      money to support yourself – It would be better to make and save money at      the same time. This way, you would never be required to borrow a penny.

All of these together can help you not only in maintaining an independent debt free life, but also one where you need not worry much about your future too.


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