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How your court testimony can impress a Judge in Houston Divorce Proceedings

Testimony in divorce

Divorce cases in Houston tend to get a little bit complicated for those who are visiting the courts for the first time. You do not know where the washrooms are, you do not know the court procedures, you are anxious because the case may go either way, and as if this is not bad enough, you have to be in the same room with a spouse who you wish to never see again. Houston divorce proceedings can however be a simple affair if you know what to do – especially when giving a testimony or when being cross examined by the Houston divorce lawyers. Below are a few pointers that will make your Houston divorce experience less tense.

Make sure you understand the questions

No Houston divorce judge will punish you for clarifying a point. Never answer a question you are not sure of the answer. If you feel that the question is not clear enough, tell the lawyer you do not understand it. Remember that anything you say under oath can be used against you. Make sure you have sat with your lawyer and have trained how to answer questions. Many questions will require a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ answer. Make sure you do not provide the competition with fodder to pin you down.

Never volunteer information

Your job is not to help the competition do their investigation. Only answer what you are asked and never give out information unless you have been directly asked to do so. Any information you give out will be recorded by the Houston divorce court stenographer and will be relied upon by the judge to make his final divorce decree. Make sure you remain as objective as you can in your answer. Seeming intent to fix your spouse will look bad on you. The judges are used to these family dramas and can tell when someone is genuinely hurting and when he or she is trying to elicit sympathy from the judge.

Always tell the truth

The Bible talks of truth setting you free. This edict has never been truer than in a court of law. The judges will look upon you kindly if you tell the truth – even if that truth hurts your case. There is nothing as important in bringing up emotionally mature children as honesty. If you portray this kind of character, you never know, the judge may hand you the possession custody. Houston divorce judges always seek to promote the wellbeing of the children and hence you stand a better chance with them if you depict yourself as a truthful person.

Hold your emotions in check

Throwing tantrums, getting abusive, or even breaking down in court is inappropriate. Save the sobbing and cursing to your privacy. In the court, present the mature side of you. The side that takes over in ugly situations will not help your case. Remain calm and objective, especially when your spouse is telling lies about you.

Take care you do not fall into a lawyers’ traps

Lawyers are wordsmiths. They know how to trick you into saying something that may mean totally different from what you intended to say. Although most Houston divorce judges will protect you from such kind of questioning, a few falls into the trap and you start looking like a liar.


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Michael Busby is a Houston divorce lawyer who has been in practice for over 20 years and appears daily in the Family Law Courts of Harris County and Fort Bend County Texas

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