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How to save money during divorce proceedings in Deer Park

Deer Park divorce lawyer

Divorce is expensive, emotionally taxing and potentially destructive. It disrupts your carefully planned life, creates a wedge between you and your children, ensures you hide your head in shame whenever you meet friends who know you, and turns you into an introverted self-analyzing unhappy person. The last thing you want to do is compound this problem by going into financial ruin trying to hurt your spouse in pretext to protecting your kids. All the money in the world will not make your spouse love you back. Rather, spend your time with the Deer Park divorce lawyer and try to finalize the divorce proceedings as quickly as you can.

Having seen many people going through similar problems as you, the Deer Park divorce lawyer will be the first to tell you that trying to live any other way than you are used to will not only ruin your financial future, but can very quickly turn you into a drug addict. Below are some guidelines that may help you save a lot of money as you go through a divorce.

Know what you want

Don’t initiate a divorce proceeding before you decide that this is what you want. The moment you open a file with the Deer Park divorce lawyer, legal fees start accruing. Rather, seek counseling, try dialogue, go for a long holiday with your spouse and try to make things right. If all this fails, you will know that you gave it your best shot and you will not feel very bad about letting your spouse go. You do not want a situation where you have gone midway into the divorce proceedings only to ‘kiss and make up’ with your spouse. You will still pay the legal fees.

Avoid destructive behavior

Drinking 5 additional bottles of beer than you normally drink will not make the pain go away. It will just leave a big hole in your pocket. Taking drugs will just ruin your custody chances and might land you in jail. Hiding your money so that you do not share with your spouse will only invite IRS into your accounts. Trust me; IRS never stops once it starts. So you think hiding children from your spouse will make them feel bad? Well, that may be so, but it will reflect badly on you during the proceedings. You will just look vengeful. Rather, be mature, cordial to your spouse and even try to take the matters lightly. And no, I am not being insensitive to your bad situation. Just humor me and follow my advice. Remember the children are watching you. You may not have the moral authority to reprimand them in future if you are treating their mother or their father shabbily.

Hire one Lawyer

In uncontested divorces, you have already done half the job right. Don’t make a mistake of hiring two lawyers. The Deer Park divorce lawyer can draft and file all the divorce papers. Make sure that each of you gets his/her dues and in case disputes arise, solve it yourselves. The moment you bring in a lawyer, legal fees start accruing. Do not let the divorce disrupt your work life. Lower productivity at work is very bad now. You do not want to get in the bad books of your employer. After the divorce is final, you will have an increased financial burden. In conclusion, just make the best out of the situation and move on quickly. Life is too short to focus on the failures in your life.


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Michael Busby is a Houston divorce lawyer who has been in practice for over 20 years and appears daily in the Family Law Courts of Harris County and Fort Bend County Texas

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