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How Does Bankruptcy Work

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How Does Bankruptcy Work

Bankruptcy is no new term to the average consumer. Just about everyone has a general understanding that bankruptcy is the process of claiming that financial hardships have caused it to be impossible for you to pay your outstanding debts and legally forcing the lenders to be OK with accepting nothing or delayed payments. That’s what just about everyone knows the process as. But, what exactly is entailed in the bankruptcy process? What needs to be proved, and what should consumers do to prove it? Well, all the answers to your questions are below.

Step #1: Get A Bankruptcy Attorney: The first thing that you’re going to need to do is find a good East Aldine bankruptcy lawyer or of course a bankruptcy lawyer that is closer to your home town. However, in this article, East Aldine will be the city used for example purposes. To find a good lawyer, all you need to do is type “East Aldine bankruptcy lawyer” into your favorite search engine. The result of your search will be listings of lawyers that have experience in bankruptcy and are in East Aldine. To find attorneys in your city, replace East Aldine with the name of you city in your search.


Step #2: Go To the First Consultation: Once you’ve found a good East Aldine bankruptcy lawyer, it’s time to go to your first consultation. During the consultation you will be informed of exactly what the process entails. Your attorney will do their part to set your expectations as far as cost, length of time the process will take and what you will need to complete the process. Some attorneys provide free consultations while others do not. So, it’s up to you if you want to search for an attorney that provides free consultations or if you are willing to pay for your first consultation. None the less, when in the consultation take notes for specific instructions on what to do next.


Step #3: Prove Financial Hardship: Bankruptcy is a legal process by which a proven financial hardship is the cause of erasing debt from consumer’s obligations. Therefore, for a bankruptcy to work out, you are going to need to prove that you are dealing with a severe financial hardship. To do so, start by figuring out exactly what actions caused your financial hardship. Once you’ve got a good idea of what caused your financial hardship, make a list of your income and expenses. This list will be numeric form of proof of your hardship. If you really can’t afford your debts, that will make itself apparent here.


Step #4: Follow Your Attorneys Instructions: Now, the rest is up to you and your attorney. Remember, your attorney is an expert in bankruptcy and he or she only wants what’s best for you. So, its best that you do everything you can to follow their directions. If you do, your bankruptcy process should go smoothly, but if you don’t you may stop yourself from being able to file.

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