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Houston Divorce: Relieving Yourself from Depression

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Based on studies, divorce is actually the second most disastrous experiences in many people’s lives when it comes to family. The first one is death of a spouse or children. Although completely different from each other, both exude deep loss and grief from the life that was lived in the past. It is a harsh reality that all divorcees need to deal with and it is for this very reason why you need to find the best Houston divorce lawyer in town.

If you’re living in one of Houston’s communities such as Hunters Creek Village, filing for Hunters Creek Village divorce should also be done at the city municipality. This all goes for those who are also new in town. Just make sure that you’ve been living in the said village for at least 180 days. As for the actual divorce procedure, just let your lawyer guide you on what to do. Tell your legal counsel your preferences and he will do the best that he can to ensure that you achieve what you need and want.

Once you’re done with the divorce, it is quite normal to feel depressed. This is because you’re experiencing some sort of finality that can’t be changed. It is like an ultimatum that you need to deal with whether you like it or not. So what are you going to do? How can you shake off these feelings of doom, sadness, and bitterness? Here are some ways that you can do to overcome this problem.

Read or Knit

Now this may sound ridiculous but it actually works. You can immerse yourself in a book and just simply forget everything that you’re going through. As much as possible, read something positive and try to stay away from those novels with dark stories in it because they might give you an unpleasant idea. If you’re into books, that’s okay because you can always try knitting. By doing something productive or something different, you’re helping yourself to cope form your divorce.


One of the culprits of depression is not actually divorce but it’s the big change that lurks behind it. Change is a difficult thing to do but if you accept it, it will be so much easier. Change everything. Make a new routine, enroll in new classes, and take up a new sport. Do something that you wouldn’t normally do like being friendly and meeting new friends.

Take One Day at a Time

Don’t think about the future. Think about today and go from there. Worrying about being alone in the future canned is very overwhelming besides, you’re not sure of that since it hasn’t happen yet anyway. So stop stressing over something that isn’t even real to begin with and start focusing on what you can do for yourself at the present moment.

Depression is a real thing so make sure you immediately ask a trusted loved one or a doctor to help you with this condition. Failure to do so can only make things worse. Don’t hesitate to seek emotional support and medical care if needed. Don’t ignore it.


Michael Busby Jr. is a Divorce, Family Law, & Houston Divorce Lawyer,  who practices in Harris County Texas and the counties that surround Harris County, Texas. He has been in practice for over 14 years and has tried over 300 cases.  He is familiar with the policy and procedures of the Harris County Texas Divorce Courts.   Our office is open until 8:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for working folks.

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Michael Busby is a Houston divorce lawyer who has been in practice for over 20 years and appears daily in the Family Law Courts of Harris County and Fort Bend County Texas

Busby & Associates , have two Houston Offices, one in Chinatown, Houston Texas and another in Independent Heights, Houston, Texas. Michael Busby is Board Certified in Family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.