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If your Houston divorce lawyer has not already told you the staff that you will encounter in the divorce court, the list below can be informative. It is important to know the role of each of these people. They will be the people who will determine the path your future will take. In most courts, they are a regular feature.

The Court Clerk

This is the person in charge of the courts records. He takes care of the paperwork and all the correspondence with the court goes through the office of the Court Clerk. He helps you find out what documents you need to file and how much they are going to cost you. He also informs you and your Houston divorce lawyer where things are located in the court as well as help  you with the legal resources you might require for preparation of your case. He can also advise you on basic legal procedures and general questions.

The Family Court Judge

This is the impartial authority in the court during the divorce proceedings. He is the person in charge of the general conduct in the court. He never gives an opinion and will never give you a direction on how to present your case. Before the case proceeds, the judge will issue some temporary orders to guide the conduct of the spouses that want to divorce in matters such as children custody, children residence, and spouse maintenance among others. Note that these orders are temporary and they are only in effect until the final determination is made.  If your Houston divorce lawyer seeks audience with him, the other party’s lawyer will also be required to be present. This keeps the integrity of the judge intact. The other party may claim the judge was not fair if he sees you or your lawyer when they are absent and then he rules the case against their client. A judge also makes the final divorce decree on the merits of the case. He will carefully listen to the submissions of each party. He will also make reference to case law and other laws that are pertinent to the case before him. This ensures that the judge makes the most informed decisions. Although some judges’ decisions are appealed, most of them are upheld by the appellate court.

Houston divorce lawyer

This is the legal advisor to the spouse. He represents their interests in the court. He/she must have passed the bar exams and should be licensed to practice law in Texas. He advises his client on court procedure as well as points of law. Advice is given to the clients to choose an experienced hand in the court representation if the divorce is contested and the mediation process have failed.

Court Stenographer

A stenographer’s duty in a court is to transcript every word said in court unless otherwise directed by the judge. He makes sure that every word said in court is captured on written record. These records become important when the judge is making a review of what was said in court in order to make a decision.


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Michael Busby is a Houston divorce lawyer who has been in practice for over 20 years and appears daily in the Family Law Courts of Harris County and Fort Bend County Texas

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