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Divorce is devastating for all involved, and that doesn’t always just mean the couple going through it. If there are children involved, it can have lasting effects on them as well, and as things like custody and child support are typically ongoing processes, a divorce can seem to go on forever. Regardless of the reasoning behind wanting a divorce, there are many things to think about before heading to divorce court in Houston.

Step one is to get yourself familiar with the laws regarding filing for divorce in Houston. You can find the answers to your questions through the right law firm, and often the best law firms will cover this topic extensively on their website. There, you can make sure you and your spouse are even eligible to file for divorce in Houston. From there, you can read up on things like how children and division of assets are handled in the area. The most important step when heading for divorce court in Houston is employing the services of the right lawyer.

You might think to yourself, “I just want a lawyer who isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg and who will get the job done quickly.” But if you really think about it, when it comes to separating two people’s lives, including splitting up where their children will live and when and who’s going to keep the house, etc., you don’t want the quickest lawyer. Sure, you want a lawyer who will stick to the task at hand and get you through the process efficiently, but you should also keep in mind that the right divorce attorney should offer a certain level of expertise that may not be the cheapest option in the city, but instead be the better option for you and your family. The best divorce attorneys fight hard to get you what they know you deserve. They work hard for your entire family because your children matter to them. They do the job well, and when you are in divorce court, they’re there, doing their job from beginning to end.

Experience, professionalism, dependability, and a good reputation in Houston are the first and foremost attributes you should want your lawyer to have. You want a lawyer who has practiced divorce law extensively and is familiar with all of the ins and outs of child custody arrangements, child support, and division of assets. A great lawyer is dependable.

When you need to discuss your case and when you need representation in court or for mediation, they are there. This is the most important thing to consider when choosing the right divorce attorney. Professionalism and a good reputation typically come hand in hand when the other two areas of importance are covered. The right divorce attorney handles his or herself with dignity inside and outside of the courtroom and is respected by his or her peers and those serving at the local judicial level. At the end of the day, a judge is going to determine who gets the kids and how much support is going to be paid in or out, and which party gets the house and which gets the vacation home. By choosing a lawyer who is well-known and esteemed in the area, you’re truly helping your own case. Divorce is almost never easy for anyone, but the right representation can help make the process and time spent in divorce court in Houston a little better. Choose wisely, and you’ll be very glad you did.


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Michael Busby is a Houston divorce lawyer who has been in practice for over 20 years and appears daily in the Family Law Courts of Harris County and Fort Bend County Texas

Busby & Associates , have two Houston Offices, one in Chinatown, Houston Texas and another in Independent Heights, Houston, Texas. Michael Busby is Board Certified in Family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.