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Guidelines for Child Support in Texas

Guidelines for child support









20.00 25.00 30.00 35.00 40.00 40.00 40.00


17.50 22.50 27.38 32.20 37.33 37.71 38.00


16.00 20.63 35.20 30.33 35.43 36.00 36.44


14.75 19.00 24.00 29.00 34.00 34.67 35.20


13.60 18.33 23.14 28.00 32.89 33.60 34.18


13.33 17.86 22.50 27.22 32.00 32.73 33.33


13.14 17.50 22.00 26.60 31.27 32.00 32.62


1300 17.22 21.60 2609 30.67 31.38 32.00

Multiple Family Adjusted Guidelines

(% of Net Resources)


Number of Children Before The Court

 Guidelines for Child Support in Texas 


Number of Other Children for Whom the Obligor has a duty of Support

Guidelines for Child Support in Texas are determined by using sections 154.123 Additional Factors for Court toConsider:(a)  The court may order periodic child support payments  in an amount other  than that established by the guide lines if the evidence rebuts the presumption that application of the guide lines is in the best interest of the child.(b)  Indeterminingwhether applicationof the guidelines would  be unjust or inappropriateunder thecircumstances,thecourt shall considerevidence ofallrelevant factors, including:I)   the age and needs of the child;2)   theability ofthe parents  to contributeto the supportofthechild;3)   any financialresourcesavailable forthesup­portofthechild;4)   the amount of  time  of  possession of and access toachild;

5) the amount of the obligee’s net resources, including the earning potential of the oblige if the actual income of the oblige is significantly less than what the oblige could earn because  the oblige is  intentionally unemployed   or underemployed and· including  an

increase  or decrease in the  income  of the

oblige or income that may  be attributed  to     the property and assets of the obigee;

6)   childcareexpensesincurredbyeither partyin order tomaintain gainful employment;

7)   whether either party has the managing conser­ vatorship or actual physical custody of another child;

8)   the amount of alimony or  spousal  maintenance actually  and currently being paid or received by a party;

9)   the expenses for a son or daughter for education

beyond secondary school;

lO)whether the obligor or oblige has an automobile, housing, or other benefits furnished  by his or her employer ,another person, or a business nessentity;

II)theamountofotherdeductionsfrom thewage or salary  income and from other compensation for personal services of the parties;

12) provision for health care insurance and payment of uninsured medical expenses

13) special or extraordinary educational, health care of their expenses of the parties or of the child.

14) the cost of travel in order to exercise possession of and access to a child;

15) positive of negative cash flow from any real and personal property and assets, including a business and investments;

16) debts or debt service assumed by either party; and

17) any other reason consistent with the best interest of the child, taking into consideration the circumstances of the parents.

Child Support Calculation Table

If Obligor is Paid:


1) Net Monthly Resources X Percentage from Table = Monthly Obligation

Twice Per Month

1) Net Monthly Resources X Percentage from Table = Monthly Obligation

2) Monthly Obligation Divided by 2= Obligation Twice Per Month

Every Two Weeks

1) Net Monthly Resources X Percentage from Table = Monthly Obligation

2)  (Monthly Obligation X 12) Divided by 26 = Obligation Every Two Weeks


1) Net Monthly Resources X Percentage from Table = Monthly Obligation

2) (Monthly Obligation X 12) Divided by 52 = Obligation Every Week

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