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Bankruptcy attorneys Busby & Associates will help residents of Fort Bend County if they are being hounded and harassed by debt collectors. Once you hire Busby & Associates, the debt collectors are required by law to leave you alone. Fort Bend bankruptcy lawyer Busby & Associates can help you negotiate payment arrangements or negotiate settlements. Also, we can help Fort Bend County residents by suing debt collectors for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and/or violating the Texas Debt Collection Act. If collection agents or debt collectors continuously call you; call your family members, friends or co-workers; or threaten you with a crime, they may have violated the laws. Busby & Associates consumer lawyers can help you sue them for the violations. Fort Bend County is part of the Houston Division of the Southern Federal District of Texas.  All bankruptcies out of Fort Bend are filed at 515 Rusk Houston, Texas.  This is the federal court for this region.

Fort Bend Divorce Attorney

Divorce & Family Law attorneys at Busby & Associates will help residents of Fort Bend County when they want to dissolve the marital relationship. Once you hire Busby & Associates, expect quick and thorough service. Fort Bend divorce lawyer at Busby & Associates can help you with temporary orders for child support or spousal support. In addition, we can help Fort Bend County residents in cases where the parents were never married or if they already are divorced and would like to establish, modify, enforce, or defend enforcement of child support. Busby & Associates frequently appears in Fort Bend County in both the 387th and the 328th Judicial District Court. My firm is familiar with the judicial philosophy of the judges in these courts. Such knowledge can be an asset, especially in cases with facts that are highly disputed resulting in long and costly evidentiary hearings.

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