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Ending relationships in arguments

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Ending relationships can be hard, especially when divorce will be involved. If you end the relationship in a fight, though, it can make it easier to do. You do not always have the courage to say what needs to be said during normal conversations or to just bring it up. Ending relationships in arguments and especially in big fights can help you to bring these topics up. Arguments can also help to provide an emotional release. The release will make it easier to go through with the process and move on to bigger and better things.

Ending relationships in arguments

Sometimes it is hard to get out what you want to say unless you are angry. Starting a fight can help you get out all the negative emotions and all of the things that you want to say but did not know how to before. Getting these thoughts and feelings out will help you to be able to move on after the fight and the relationship is over. It will also help you to feel more of an emotional release after getting the thoughts off of your chest. The adrenaline that can be brought out from fighting can also make you braver. If your partner did not treat you very well, this can be a good time to bring that up. Doing so can help provide somewhat of a “payback” feeling that will also help you move on from the relationship and realize that is was not good for you or your partner.

The fighting will bring out your negative thoughts and feelings, all of the things you have been keeping pent up and hidden from your partner. Getting these things out in the open will keep you from having unresolved feelings or regret in the future, which will help your emotional state. If you want to get a kind of payback to your partner, you can also use arguments to bring up things they have done that they did not apologize for or that they might not have known hurt you. Things from the past often come up in arguments, so things they did and knew they should not have can be brought up as well. It is important to note that only verbal fights can help to provide resolved feelings and physical fights should never occur, so if you or your partner has violent tendencies it is important to know when to back off a little to avoid any possible issues.

If you would like to end a relationship, no matter the reason, but you cannot find the right way to do it, starting an argument may be the way to go. You can bring up all of the problems you have had with the relationship and your partner and you will get the emotional release from getting all of the things off of your mind. It will be easier to tell your partner that you want the relationship to be over in the heat of an argument, too. Ending relationships this way will give both you and your partner resolved feelings so you can both go on your separate ways.

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