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Email Notices from the Bankruptcy Court Houston Texas

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Email Notices from the Bankruptcy Court Houston Texas

If you are a debtor in bankruptcy, and live in the Houston region of Texas, all of your notices from the bankruptcy court come from the bankruptcy noticing center located at 2525 Network Place Herndon, VA 20171-3514.  You may an outstanding lawyer who is forwarding to you all claims and documents filed in your case.  On the other hand, you may not.  The bankruptcy noticing center now allows debtors to sign up for email service.  You will get a PDF of all documents filed in your case.  You will need to save the PDF and/or print as soon as you get it.  The link expires in 15 days and you only get one free view of the document.  Most of the bankruptcy lawyers have software that catches the one free view and downloads the documents to the clients file.  If you are in a consumer chapter 7 or chapter 13, many of the bankruptcy lawyers are not diligent in getting clients copies of the documents filed in their case.  This allows you to get this information without having to go through your attorney.  Or if you represent yourself, you are going to get the notices much quicker than through the regular mails. For debtors in the Houston division of the Southern District of Texas, the form is here.

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