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Effects of Divorce on Men

Divorce lawyer and a male

When looking at people who have been divorced, most of us are guilty of the stereotypical belief that women and children are hit the hardest and we don’t consider the emotional damage that the men have experienced as well. We focus on the women and children’s trauma but don’t take into account that it takes two people to reach the stage where one or the other wants a divorce.

The first problem that arises when looking at men whom have been through a divorce is that their public image is shredded. They are seen as blithe, egocentric and egotistic individuals whom have wronged their spouses and their character is thrown into a bad light. This type of generalizing is typical amongst the female population, but what a lot of people forget is that sometimes women aren’t innocent and fragile and that sometimes the weakest people have the meanest streak. Sometimes these women blackmail the men and this can happen emotionally or financially. That is why filing for a divorce is needed even when it is frowned upon by most of society. Having a divorce lawyer, no matter the circumstances of the divorce, is a necessary evil and you can get a lawyer almost anywhere [some lawyers are even categorized as a South Houston divorce lawyer or just a plain Houston divorce lawyer if you don’t want to get technical].

Furthermore, most people just assume that in a household with violence it is the women being abused, but more times than not, it is the man being abused. Perhaps not physically, but words are much more harmful than fists and leaves emotional scars and psychological harm that is not always visible to the outside world.

One of the other most common reasons for men filing for a divorce is adultery. In the 21st century it is believed that loose morals and sleeping around is not the awful thing we were taught to believe at a younger stage. With the rise to power that a lot of women claim, the same corruption occurs when it was men rising to power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and that is applicable no matter the gender. Just because it is a woman committing adultery does not mean it should be tolerated by the husband. Divorce is a justifiable outcome [whether you are using a South Houston divorce lawyer or any other lawyer available].

A lot of the problems causing divorce may lie at the men’s feet, but women also have their part in the divorce. It is fundamentally accepted that women are more comfortable with their emotional sides than men and it should thus be recognized that divorce will have a different effect on women than men. The same can be said for divorce lawyers. A female divorce lawyer and a male divorce lawyer will have different ways of approaching things (just like a Houston divorce lawyer and a New York divorce lawyer will have different approaches].

It seems that the affect that divorce on men have been vastly underrated and that men are affected negatively by divorce just as bad as women are. The only difference is in how they show it and this has caused the assumption that divorced men are carefree and conceited.


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