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Effects of Divorce on Children

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Divorce has become second nature to most of us and we as a nation have become weak in the context that we longer have compassion and empathy towards children whose parents are divorced.

We are at fault, no longer teaching our children the value of commitment and loyalty that is supposed to bind a family together through blood. Domestic violence is also a common occurrence and we no longer heed the moral ethical code which states that strength is meant to protect. As social thinking entities it should be wired into our DNA to protect our young and yet when looking at cases of domestic violence, rape and abuse [emotional or physical] most of it seems to be happening at home.

Divorce attorneys have become a growing market so that you can now classify them by the area in which they practice [like a Nassau Bay divorce lawyer or a Pasadena divorce lawyer]. Is this then our future? Where we teach our children that marriage is nothing more than a paper that can be divorced when the smallest problems arise? People use divorce as an easy way out stating that it will be beneficial for their children not to live in such a toxic home environment but do not realise that a lot of the time the psychological damage they do to their children during a divorce has negative repercussions that will always leave scars in the psyche of the child. In truth, children are the real victims of divorce and the ensuing battles between the parents.

Most of the time, in the immediate period after the divorce, children have to go into therapy to confront the issues that has arisen because of the divorce. Girls and boys react differently to their parent’s divorce and neither reaction is positive to their mental and physical well-being. Studies show that boys are more prone get in physical altercations, have run-ins with the law as well as developing a problem with authority. The possibility that the child will also have commitment issues and have his own divorce later in his life is greater as well [thus needing someone like a Nassau Bay divorce lawyer or a Pasadena divorce lawyer depending on where he lives].

Girls on the other hand are more inclined to withdraw from society and become depressive and moody. The sense of guilt is heavy and they become anxious and remote. Paradoxically, a lot of girls start acting out and become sexually active at a younger age that can result in teenage pregnancies or STD’s. Examining the statement that divorce is thus a better option for the child, may not hold true in most cases. A lot of children may feel that the divorce was somehow their fault because of something they did or said.

The resulting psychological and emotional damage done to children during a divorce may not be worth the trouble and if a parent is considering it, the pros and cons should be weighed. Children should be protected and as parents we should be protecting them the most.


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