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Divorce Mediation and its Advantages

Divorce Mediation

Your Houston divorce lawyer will have already told you that divorce mediation will take care of most of the nasty things in a divorce process. It finds solutions and amicable ways of settling divorce issues such as children custody, property division, visitation schedule and spousal maintenance. It is said to be the best route to follow in cases of contested divorces as it ultimately avoids the possibility of having the court decide these things for you. Agreeing with each other might be hard, but with mediation, you may find that clearing a lot of these disagreements may foster a healthy relationship with your partner, which is an important step towards building a happier environment for your kids. Below are some of the advantages of the mediation process in divorce proceedings.

Saving money and time

There is a lot of money spent on lawyers and constant commuting during the division of property. The paperwork, and time involved in preparing the necessary agreements, time spent in court arguing the cases, the emotion drain suffered by the parties to the proceedings as well as the exposure of the rifts between parents to kids can be avoided through mediation. Unless a party to a divorce proceeding want to punish his/her spouse, the better option will be to get your Houston divorce lawyer to arrange for a mediation process.

It avoids the inevitable blood bath and bad blood

Court divorce battles are bruising. They will expose all your ‘dirty linens’ for all and sundry to see and talk about. Your friends will know your bedroom secrets, your children will be taunted in school, you will hate your spouse even more…there is no end to the amount of suffering both you and spouse will suffer. Wisdom dictates that family matters should be left family matters. Exposing your kids to this kind of publicity is not only unsubtle, but also completely careless. Most a Houston divorce lawyer will advise you beforehand that this is the best path to follow. In other words, avoid the court as much as possible because once there, there is no limit to how your family name will get bad publicity. In law, communication between the lawyer and client is confidential. A lawyer is prohibited by the law to discuss or reveal the contents of your dealings with him. You therefore keep your family business confidential if you choose mediation.

The process is fair

As long as both sides keep the discussions above board, the process is fair to the participants. It keeps both parties happy without exposing the family business to third parties. Since the process is informal, parties can negotiate and renegotiate until each of them gets satisfied. It is expected that both parties will respect each other and are mature enough to know that this process shields their kids from the dramas of open court. Each of the parties sends legal representation to the mediation process. It is not necessary for them to appear during the mediation all the time. This helps the negotiations remain civil as you do not have to see your spouse on regular basis. In conclusion, if you love your family and want to leave your dignity intact after a divorce process, get your Houston divorce lawyer on the mediation table.


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Michael Busby is a Houston divorce lawyer who has been in practice for over 20 years and appears daily in the Family Law Courts of Harris County and Fort Bend County Texas

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