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Divorce Documents in Texas

Like all forms of legal proceedings, divorce proceedings will need you to fill up several documents and sign them. It is one of the most difficult things to do. Knowing that you had a very bright future together and that you are voiding that future on a piece of paper will break anybody’s heart. But this is the law and your Houston divorce lawyer will tell as much. It has to be followed. Below are the most commonly used documents in divorce proceedings.

Temporary Orders Agreement

This is a document that outlines the rules of engagement between spouses during the process of divorce. It includes provisions such as where the children will stay, whom they will stay with, who will be paying the marital bills, Agreements of giving access to every parent to the kids and many more. The agreement is usually signed and deposited with the lawyers of each of the spouse.

Change of Name Form

When spouses are married, the wife usually takes her husband’s second name surname. It is irksome to be called the name of the person you are divorcing – and mostly, under acrimonious conditions. Most women therefore opt to revert to their maiden name before the divorce hearings start. The form contains details such as driver’s license number, social security number and the applicant’s signature.

Family Information Form

This form maybe filled by any spouse in the divorce proceedings; however, it must be deposited with both spouses’ lawyers. The form tells the lawyers the number of children, their names, the relationship between the children and the parents, the parents’ names, and addresses. This information is important as it will help the court in the determination of factors such as the number of children to be supported, the visitation schedule to be arranged, and the area of residence for the kids and its suitability among other things.

Financial Information Form

This is one of the most important forms in the divorce proceedings. Telling a lie in this form is illegal and you may face a jail term for doing so. You must fully disclose your finances and finance sources. This is very important in the determination of who gets to stay with the children, how much support they are entitled to get, how much either spouse will need maintenance, the ability of each parent to take care of the bills and many other things.

Income Withholding Form

This form is sent to the employer of each of the spouses, requesting them to produce the full financial information of the parties to divorce proceedings. This is used to countercheck the truthfulness of the information in the Financial Information Form. The Income Withholding Form is a document of the court. The employer sends it directly to the court. The lawyers for the parties to divorce proceedings may get copies of the same upon request.

Witness Subpoena Form

This is usually issued when one or both of the parties to divorce proceedings has withheld information, documents, books or other tangible information that maybe relevant to the proceedings before the court. The document is general in all legal proceedings and is not only used in divorce cases.



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