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Divorce Attorneys in Houston: When is it Necessary to Hire a Family Law Attorney?

Not every individual in a marriage that is experiencing trouble should begin looking for a family law attorney; but there does come a time when it is prudent to begin searching for Houston divorce lawyers. Many people who eventually decide to dissolve their marriage believe that they will be able to do so without unnecessarily involving legal professionals, unknowingly exposing both parties to potential frustrations and dissatisfaction.
Divorce attorneys in Houston are usually helpful no matter how amicably the marriage ends, and they are particularly advantageous when parties consider the following:

  • Division of Property and Assets: An attorney is able to draw up legal documents that will fairly and clearly divide up the property and assets that were purchased or earned during the marriage. Regardless if you and your former spouse believe you can divide these assets without legal assistance, you need to protect everyone involved by creating documents recognized by the Court.
  • Establishing Custody Rights and Visitation: If you have children, it is imperative that both parties establish who will have primary custody of the kids. While it may be easy to assume that both parents will want to do what is best for their children, sometimes it is hard to agree on what exactly is “the best thing”. Your family law attorney will work with both parties to make sure that everyone’s legal rights are met and that parents get the visitation time they deserve—even if they are not the primary custodial parent.
  • Legal establishment of child support and any alimony/palimony: Whether or not both individuals have professions that allow them to earn a living after the divorce, attorneys in Houston will likely look into the legal aspects of alimony or palimony. This often occurs when one spouse has sacrificed personally or professionally in order for the other partner to further his or her own career, reducing the ability for the recipient to earn an income that is as high as it would have been otherwise. Not every divorce will require this type of payment, but divorcing spouses should not assume that they are not eligible for this imbursement without speaking with an attorney.

There are many choices when it comes to choosing divorce lawyers in Houston; but not every law firm provides the same high level of legal service. Busby and Associates has a full staff of experienced attorneys who are very knowledgeable about divorce laws in the State of Texas and can help to make sure that your legal rights are respected. For more information about how our firm can help you, call us at (713) 974-1151.

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