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Consumer Bankruptcy Explained Houston Texas

Consumer Bankruptcy in Houston

Consumer Bankruptcy Explained Houston Texas

A consumer bankruptcy in Houston Texas would be under chapter 7 or chapter 13 of title 11 of the United States Code.  A chapter 13 is a wage earner repayment plan.  While a chapter 7 is a liquidation bankruptcy.  The main reason one files a chapter 7 is to discharge debt.  While a chapter 13 is to save a home or a car.  Sometimes a chapter 13 bankruptcy is filed stop a tax levy.  The chapter 13 does provide for a brooder discharge than a chapter 7.

In Houston Texas your have two chapter 13 trustee and 5 judges.  Depending on which judge you draw, procedure and efficiency have slight differences in the court but they are pronounced and it is best to hire someone who appears frequently in the courts.  Most of the consumer bankruptcies are transactional with little litigation.  Our firm handles the adversarial bankruptcies should you have a close case.  Best to call and come in to discuss your case with a attorney.   Chapter 13 is typically 3 to 5 five years.  Creditors have 90 days from the 1st meeting of creditors to file claims.  Should an unsecured creditor not file a claim and you have them notice, well they do not get paid and the debt is still discharge.  Chapter  7 no repayments are made and you receive your discharge in about 4 months.  You must list all the property you own and attend one meeting of creditors.

At this meeting your trustee will ask on the record pointed questions about your health, finances, and property.  Once you clear the trustee, the creditors still have 30 days to object to your claim of objections.  60 days to object to the discharge.  Prior to receiving a discharge you will have to attend a class.  Once the discharge is received then you should update your credit report by sending out the discharge order and a copy of your schedules “F”.  This is where you list your unsecured creditors.  Please watch my video below for more helpful bankruptcy information.


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