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Chambers County Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are facing a foreclosure and you are a resident of Chambers county Texas, the firm of Busby & Associates, a Chambers County Bankruptcy attorney can help.  Foreclosure in Texas is always on the 1st Tuesday of the month.  You must be given 20 days notice before the sale can take place.  Notice must be given via certified mail and also first class mail. If you are in foreclosure, I can help by filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy.  This allows you to cure you arrears over 5 years.  If you have a 2nd loan and no equity in the property because of the 1st loan, then you have the right to strip the 2nd lien and pay them pennies on the dollar, while still discharging and getting a release on the 2nd note.  Home owners association dues and property taxes can also be paid through the bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure.

Do you have a vehicle payment with one of the following car dealerships in Chambers County Texas? Keating Motors, David Self Ford Inc., Interstate Bus Rentals, Keating Young Motor, Kirkwood Motors.

If you are facing a repossession, I may be able to help you  keep the vehicle by filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy.  You may be able to cram the vehicle to its fair market value and pay what it is worth v.s what you owe on it.  You also may be able to pay the interest rate at about 5% vs. the interest rate you currently have.  If the vehicle has already been repossession, do not worry, I may be able to get it back by filing an “emergency chapter 13 bankruptcy”.  You have 10 days to redeem the vehicle in Texas.  During this 10 days, if you should file a chapter 13 bankruptcy, you have a legal right to  ask that you be allowed to cure the arrears in the bankruptcy chapter 13.

Do you reside in one of the following mobile home parks in Chambers county Texas? Bra-Mor Mobile Home Park, Sjolander Mobile Home Park, Afton Place Mobile Home Park, Texas County RV.

Do you have  note on your mobile home?  Are you current on this mobile home? If you have behind, I may be able to prevent the mobile home from being repossessed by filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy.  The chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to cram the mobile to its current fair market value.  You would have to get the mobile home appraised and then you would have to pay in full in 5 years vs. 15 to 30 years which you many have left on the note. You would pay what it is worth instead of what you owe

Are you facing credit card lawsuits in Chambers county Texas?  From one of the following Justice of the peace courts? Chambers County Justice of the Peace Court: Precinct 1, Chambers County Justice of the Peace Court: Precinct 2, Chambers County Justice of the Peace Court: Precinct 3, Chambers County Justice of the Peace Court: Precinct 4, Chambers County Justice of the Peace Court: Precinct 5, Chambers County Justice of the Peace Court: Precinct 6.

If so, then you may consider a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  If you are within certain income ranges and all or most of your debt is unsecured debt, for example, medical bills, credit cards, deficiency on a car repossession, then chapter 7 is likely the chapter under title 11 of the bankruptcy code for you.  You may be allowed to keep all of your property and get a discharge  from the debt in as quick as 4 months.  I will help you update your credit after the discharge to help you with your fresh start.

Please be advised that bankruptcy is Federal Law.  All residents of Chambers county, Texas attend bankruptcy court 601 Rosenberg, Galveston, Texas 77550. (United State Post office and Courthouse)  You have 1 chapter 13 trustee and 1 chapter 7 trustee in the Galveston Division of the Southern District of Texas.

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