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Can You Lose Your Job over Garnishments?

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An individual’s financial decisions can have a wide range of effects on all areas of their personal and professional life so it is important to understand what can and cannot be done with your wages and assets and how to proceed in financial transactions. In many cases it is best to speak with a lawyer to ensure that Texas and Federal laws are being followed and that creditors are not taking advantage of your inexperience and lack of knowledge.

If you work and reside in Texas then these guidelines apply but if you receive wages from a company outside this state then you may be subject to their laws of wage garnishment. These are the types of details that you want to discuss with an attorney as soon as possible. Texas state law allows this action for child and spousal support when it is not being paid according to the arrangements ordered by the court. Since Federal law supersedes state law the additional two situations include IRS debt and student loans where individuals have stopped paying on back taxes and student debt.

Wage garnishment is sent to your employer via court approved documentation which requires compliance in the amount stipulated. There are guidelines that prevent too much money being garnished so that the individual cannot pay basic living expenses and does not allow the business to fire the individual based on a single garnishment. However, you should know that if you have multiple garnishments on your paycheck then it is up to the discretion of your employer as to whether they continue your employment or not. These types of issues with finances can also affect your position within a company if you hold an accounting or sensitive position where money management is a key factor of the job.

If you are facing tough financial decisions or need legal counsel then check with an attorney that specializes in these cases and allow them to recommend options that will minimize the consequences in your life. Wage garnishment in Texas is not the only option and creditors have other ways to get their money but make sure that you are in control of what is happening and not them.


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