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Best Divorce Lawyer Houston

Best Divorce Lawyer Houston

Baby Lawyers

In looking for a attorney to represent you for the dissolution of your marriage, the demographics are much like social hierarchy.  There are some lawyers who are very good with small estates, but have not dealt with the issues of a larger community property division.  The tax issues that would arise or a future benefit that should be considered now, are events that most new attorneys or even an attorney who have had some time out, but have no association with a certified public account could help.  Most of your family law and divorce lawyers are going to help you with rights and duties for your children.  They can calculate guideline child support. They can do a financial information statement.  They can prepare an inventory of the estate.  Many will propose a 50-50 split.  They are familiar with the procedural logistics  in the work up of your case.  Baby lawyers typically are going to be very sociable, but look for a way out in most of your questions, as they will have to research the answers.  If the baby lawyer has a mentor or is working with a senior lawyer, then that baby lawyer may be good for you.

Best Divorce Lawyer Houston

They are various factors to consider when attempting to hire the best divorce lawyer Houston.  Some are detailed below:

1. How long have they been in practice

2. What peer review if any has been given

3. What do former client have to say

4. What is their hourly rate

5.  Where is their office located

6. How often do they appear in court

7. What complaints if any exist against the lawyer

The best evidence as to your attorney qualifications is going to be the results of that attorneys former cases.  How many cases has the attorney tried?  What were the results?  Most of this information is not published.  You can look at a resume, but most resume are “fluffed”.  Also, see if the attorney has done any appellate work.  This is a sure fire way to ensure that the judges respect the lawyer not because that lawyer is pretty,  has charisma, or donate to the judges campaign but because that lawyer will take that judge up for review. This gives the lawyer more credibility when you are in front of judge on a issue that you are asking for something outside the box.

Diplomacy v. War

Also, look at the set up in the lawyers office to determine if that lawyer is the ” Best Lawyer Houston “.  Most family law firms that have been around for a good while will employ one lawyer who uses diplomacy to get results.  When diplomacy fails, then the hard line line mean lawyer will need to go in and fight.  Sometimes it is best to shoot first then ask questions.  Other times you should be cautious and get a feeler as to the other sides intent.  Make no mistake, your spouse will lie to you or they will tell half truths and spin the facts to favor their position. Your children will be torn between the parents and the emotion. Divorce is a transition for the whole family.  When you make this decision or the decision has been made by your spouse, you want someone on your team who knows the procedure to see it done, is familiar with local judges policy, and has a family of their own as a reference to understand your life event.


Michael Busby Jr. is a divorce & family law attorney,  who practices in Harris and Fort Bend Counties, Texas. He has been in practice for over 13 years and has tried over 300 cases.  He is familiar with the policy and procedures of the Harris and Fort Bend County Texas Divorce Courts.   Our office is open until 8:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for working folks.

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Michael Busby is a Houston divorce lawyer who has been in practice for over 20 years and appears daily in the Family Law Courts of Harris County and Fort Bend County Texas

Busby & Associates , have two Houston Offices, one in Chinatown, Houston Texas and another in Independent Heights, Houston, Texas. Michael Busby is Board Certified in Family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.