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Attorney General Houston Texas for Child Support

As the leading official agency for child support enforcement in Houston for the state of Texas, the Attorney General’s office offers services for parents, who intend to provide or obtain support for their children.

The office of the attorney general Houston Texas for child support provides both guardians and parents with a broad range of child support services at no charges. These particular services are a requirement by the federal law and are funded by the state of Texas and the federal government.

The Services offered.

The division for child support, on case by case basis, determines which among the child support services indicated below are ideal.

• Identifying the absent parent.
• Enforcing and establishing orders for child support.
• Adjusting and reviewing child support payments.
• Gathering and distributing child support payments.
• Enforcing and establishing medical support orders.
• Paternity establishment.

The mission of the Division Statement for child support

The child support division has an essential role in assisting the parents in obtaining the financial aid required for children to develop and become successful in life. In a bid to promote and encourage parental responsibility, the attorney general’s office establishes court orders for medical and financial support, sets children’s’ paternity and lawfully enforces support orders. Additionally, it is important to note that this particular office strengthens the physical and emotional involvement of all parents in the development of the child’s life by working closely with hospitals, community groups, and even schools. The employees at the attorney general’s office are obliged to carry out their duties in an efficient approach so as to reduce taxpayer expense, and in an appealing and friendly manner so as to maximize customer satisfaction.

The activities that are conducted within the division for child support, whether continuous functions or current projects are meant to promote the priorities of the children, customer services, and collections.

The responsibilities of the parents

The Attorney General Houston Texas for child support puts down a couple of responsibilities that the parent must attend to including providing adequate support for the child, completion of documents, appearing in court and notifying the office of the attorney general of any changes regarding address and other contacts.

The privileges of the parent

In a bid to maximize customer satisfaction, there are some rights that are enjoyed by you as the parent, when seeking to file a legal case.

You should expect that your personal information will be kept confidential such as your physical address.
You should expect to obtain a professional and a timely customer service.
For your case to be handled, you must submit a written inquiry or complaint as far as your case is concerned.

The office of the attorney general Houston Texas for child support , by the state and federal laws, is solely responsible for the enforcement and the establishment of child support. This particular office only represents the state and cannot represent the people involved in claims for child support. Anybody would agree with me that there are always a lot of issues involved child support claims. The article aimed to inform you with concrete knowledge concerning the services offered by the attorney general’s office. For additional information regarding child support services, please contact any child support office nearest to you.


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