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After Effects of Divorce on Women

Divorce in women

When looking at the status quo, it seems that women are affected by divorce worse than men are. When examining this statement it becomes clear that the reason for this is mostly because in long-term relationships children are a norm and the responsibility of caring for these children after divorce usually falls upon the females. The related stress and negative factors that should be calculated into the equation conclude that women have a much harder road to walk after divorce than men.

One of the most predominant stressors is the financial stress of caring for one or more children singlehandedly. After factoring in legal fees, child custody battles and dividing marital assets, single moms have to pay school fees, food, medical expenses, housing, water and electricity, gas and oil, insurance, car payment and any other daily expenses on their own salaries without the help of their former spouses. Women are also paid less than men and at average every women makes 70 cent to every 1 dollar a man makes. This means that divorced women have the responsibility to care for her children on a salary that is not equal to their counterparts and thus single moms have it harder than single dads. It is clear that women are more vulnerable economically than men after divorce.

America boasts about women being equal to men and as a so-called civilized country try to help other countries like Africa with gender equality. It is clear that their government thus applies a form of hypocrisy trying to change in other countries that which is not yet right in their own. It should be obvious that in big cities like Seattle and Houston the amount of struggling single moms should be few and yet it is not so.

It seems that after all the custody battles, roughly 84% become single moms and of this 84%, 79.5% of them are permanently employed while 27% of them live in poverty. Divorce is a messy business and it generally easier for women going through a divorce to go to a female divorce attorney. Going online is easy when looking for a divorce lawyer because they are rated according to their experience, their professional conduct as well as how much industry recognition they het.

An excellent illustration of the use of the internet, even if you go to your local internet café is when you research one of the best namely Houston divorce lawyer Cynthia Thomson Diggs. This ambitious lawyer has a rating of 10 and is licenced for 29 years now.  Another good example is that of Houston divorce lawyer, Cynthia Brown Tracy whom has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 for experience, 2.5 for industry recognition and 5 for professionalism.

However, if looking for a male divorce attorney, the same rules apply. A lot of the time men are personally preferred as a divorce attorney simply because of their intimidating demanding presence. The ratings show that Missouri City divorce lawyer Matthew Allen Skillern also has a rating of 10 and is an outstanding divorce attorney. Nonetheless, if you’re just looking for a normal divorce lawyer, it is easy as the attorneys are classified between average, good and exceptional. For example, Missouri City divorce lawyer John Millard has been classified as a good lawyer with a rating of 6.7.

The conclusion can be drawn that women suffer more than men when it comes to divorce and the psychological and emotional as well as the financial damage is worse for the women than for the men. This means that you need a competent divorce lawyer and with the help of the internet, you will have the necessary information at your fingertips.


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