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High Net-Worth Divorce

Many times when a marriage is dissolved, there are certain issues that must be addressed such as accounting of the assets, protecting the assets from a high maintenance spouse, and/or requesting alimony to maintain a certain standard of living.   You may be a business owner whose business mostly run on goodwill and the other spouse  is stating that he/she wants half or more of this value.  It may be without you, the business would fail very quickly.  Our office routinely deals with all of these issues.  The complex process related to the marital estate distribution could be extremely time-consuming though an experienced Houston Divorce Attorney could save you an appreciable amount of money.  Issues I routinely deal with in a complex divorce case in Houston, Texas are typically as follows:

  • Real value of commercial and residential assets
  • Valuation of personal property
  • Valuation of business property and the method used to determine value
  • Valuation of interest on stocks, bonds, and other financial assets
  • Tax issues
  • Alimony
  • Wasting of community assets

I will work with your certified public accountant or financial planner to present your facts and valuation in the best light.  While Texas law holds that the court must render a just and right division, this does not mean a 50/50 split.  I have tried complex marital property cases in all 9 Harris County divorce courts and in both of the Fort Bend County divorce courts.  The judges are not uniform and differ significantly in the decision as to the fault in the dissolution of marriage and also with respect to the just and right division percentage applied to a marital estate.