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Child Custody Lawyer in Houston – Your Rights Explained

Child custody disputes are among the most expensive and damaging cases in the legal arena. While the parents may no longer have a blissful relationship with one another, they still have love in their hearts for their children. This desire to continue their parental relationship can lead to an exhausting process of figuring out the best situation for both the children and the parents. Custody cases are complex, so it is necessary to acquire a knowledgeable child custody lawyer in Houston that can guide you through this difficult time.

Texas Custody Law
A child custody lawyer in Houston can help you understand your rights according to Texas Family Code. The two options allowed under this code are sole managing or joint managing conservatorship. The prevailing opinion is that joint managing conservatorship is in the best interest of the child, as it allows both parents to play an active role in their life.

Joint Managing Conservatorship- Joint managing conservatorship is essentially an agreement that calls for a distribution of parental responsibilities between the two parents. This includes rights, duties, and powers regarding the children. It is important to note that this does not necessarily mean both parents will have equal physical time with the child. Instead, the court decides who will host the primary residence for the child, while the other will get visitation and other equal rights, as determined by the judge. This is typically regarded as the best solution for the child. It eases the transition by allowing the child to have both parents in their life.

Sole Managing Conservatorship- Sole managing conservatorship is, as your child custody lawyer in Houston can explain, used in situations where joint managing conservatorship is detrimental to the child. In other words, this agreement is used when the child should not be around one of the parents due to violence, neglect, or other situations harmful to the child. Under this arrangement, one parent has essentially all rights over the child, while the other has some sort of visitation rights. This is widely regarded as a last choice scenario.

Child Custody Lawyer in Houston
Divorces and separations are a difficult and confusing time for everyone involved. It is something that no one enjoys dealing with. Selecting a knowledgeable child custody lawyer in Houston can help make the situation easier for you and the child. Busby & Associates is a law firm that provides professional legal service to families in Houston. They have a wealth of experience and can help you understand your rights under the Texas Family Code. Contact Busby & Associates or call 713-974-1151 for all of your legal problems.

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