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When it comes to bankruptcy, it should NEVER be an option for you to take the matter lightly. This financial decision comes with long-term impact on your credit. And, if the bankruptcy process does not go well, there may be dire consequences to your credit standing and your ability to make important purchases, in future.

For some bankruptcy lawyers in Houston, debt consolidation or credit counseling before filing for bankruptcy is a fine choice that paves the way for other choices. When you do settle on an option, it’s important to have a Houston bankruptcy lawyer by your side; otherwise, navigating through the process can be tricky.

Bankruptcy: A One-Way Ticket Out of Foreclosure?

Here at Busby & Associates, we are no strangers to the popular belief of filing for bankruptcy to save properties from foreclosure. Debunking this misconception is nothing new either, since a number fall for it.

Bankruptcy can temporarily suspend the foreclosure process, but if the homeowner does not have the financial means to make a comeback, they will still lose their homes. Instead, the automatic stay goes into effect, which remains in place until the homeowner works out a reasonable repayment plan with the court.

Homeowners who do file for Chapter 13 are subject to additional fees. If they fail to make mortgage payments, lenders will make petitions to the court, requesting a dismissal on the homeowner’s behalf. It’s a lifesaver, but still a delicate process. Missing a single payment can result in the commencement of foreclosure proceedings.

Working with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

New bankruptcy laws set forth in 2005 have made the filing process in the midst of a recession even more complex. As a result, plenty of residents turn to Houston bankruptcy attorneys for help. Technically, debtors are not required to hire lawyers, but only a few people can really navigate the process alone.

Busby & Associates is happy to be of legal assistance. Using our years of experience, our team will guide you through the process. We understand the delicate nature of the case, which is why we aim to help you out. Our law firm specializes in consumer bankruptcy and also offers debt consolidation assistance.

Don’t go through the ordeal alone. Trust our Houston bankruptcy lawyers to help you. Get in touch with our practice by calling at (713) 974-1151.