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A divorce is a legal dissolution of the marriage between a husband and a wife but in many cases there is another party involved that can greatly affect the outcome and final resolution of the proceedings. Typically, spouses do not agree on the division of property and assets or even child custody during this emotional time period which is why they are each represented by a professional attorney licensed and familiar with the laws in Houston, TX.

When you choose to hire a lawyer to represent you in divorce court then it is important to ensure that they are competent, professional, experienced and knowledgeable about the statutes, the judges and the legal process. Hiring a legal friend to help you out in order to save money may hurt your case when the proper filings are not accomplished on time or your team shows up for court without being prepared.

The divorce court system in Houston, TX, requires several things to happen during this process including the submission of financial documentation, income statements and tax returns in addition to publicly serving the other party, mediation and possible parenting classes if children are involved. This process has many layers and complications which are best navigated by a qualified attorney who has a reputation for winning cases due to their expertise with the judges and the guidelines outlined in the law. If you are not sure who to hire then the best place to start looking is on the Internet where you can review their biography page for qualifications and the information they have posted for helpful hints and items.

Another good source of information is your social circle if someone has already been through this process as they may be able to recommend someone to you or at least let you know who to stay away from. The judges in divorce court in Houston, TX make the final decisions but they do so based on the merits of the case which are presented by the attorneys on both sides. Make sure that you don’t lose out on what you believe is fair and equitable because of the actions or non-actions of your lawyer.

pixel Qualified Family Attorney is Critical Part of Successful Settlement