Is Child Support Laws in Baytown Similar to those in Houston?

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The Baytown is a city that is nestled partially within the Harris County and Chambers County on the gulf coast of Texas. All child support laws in Texas, where this city lies, are similar. With the divorce cases rising in Baytown city, it is only prudent that a Baytown divorce lawyer come up with ways to incorporate some human touch in these very messy situations. The entire legal lingo will not work in these situations. A good Baytown lawyer will take care of both the legal side of divorce proceedings as well as the emotional side.

A joint Managing Conservator is a term used in law to mean a parent who has not been given the child custody. Being denied the chance to live with your children is hard, being ordered to surrender your hard earned cash to the spouse whom you have lost the kids to is rubbing salt on a wound. But the law is very clear in matters of children rights and unfortunately, you have to obey the law. This is why a candid Baytown divorce lawyer has to handle this potentially explosive situation very carefully. He must be able to rationalize with the Joint Managing Conservator that these are his or her kids. Although there are a number of people who do not care, most people care deeply about their kids welfare and this is the only reason they pay up the child support dues. If it wasn’t for the kids, most people will probably risk court contempt.

But what are the particulars of child support law in Texas? Well, the law states that after all the legal deductions from a Joint Managing Conservator’s salaries are deducted, the net resources are distributed as follows; if he has 1 child, the he will part with 20% of his net resources. For 2 kids, he will give 24%, for 3 kids he will give 30%, for 4 kids, 35% and for 5 kids, 40%. Any children above 5 will attract a higher percentage, but not less than that for 5 children.  If the Joint Managing Conservator has other children from other marriages to support, then the court may reduce these percentages. Another thing the court considers is how much the other parent is earning, although this may not carry much weight. Note that these percentages apply to salaries that are up to $8550 of the conservator’s salary. If he earns more than this amount per month, then the court assumes that the $8550 is enough to take care of the kids. Should the parent who has custody to the kids want more than what the law states, then he or she must show cause for the added support amount.

The net resources is computed as the money left after deductions such as social security tax, federal tax, income tax, union fees for the unionizable employees and health medical insurance cover are deducted from the salaries. If you are a good parent – and most people are – you will co-operate with the Baytown divorce lawyer to get this nasty business over and done with as soon as possible. The less the child in question knows about the arrangement, the better. Note that should you remarry, your new spouse’s income is not subject to the child support laws.

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