How To Calculate Financial Support for Minors

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Divorce is never an easy process and when children are involved then there is an added layer of complexity that can become emotional and difficult to handle. This is why it is necessary to hire a legal representative who understands the state laws, can remain objective and provide recommendations on the best course of action to follow.

One of the primary issues to be decided during this process when kids are involved is the matter of child support.

The financial support of minors is addressed in the legal guidelines and should be documented in the final dissolution papers so that both parties are clear on the terms and obligations. In the majority of cases, there is one party that is required to pay the other party a specified amount based on a variety of factors.

If you live in Houston, TX, then your attorney can explain the legal formula used in calculating the necessary monthly amount to be paid. It is usually based on net monthly income minus allowable deductions and multiplied by a percentage depending on the number of children. The judge is allowed to modify this amount based on a short list of considerations but for the most part this calculation is the rule of thumb. Your qualified Texas attorney can walk you through each step of the process and answer any questions you might have as to what can be considered and what is standard so that you have an idea of what to expect when you get to court. The primary motivation for the judge is the child’s best interest so how the case is presented and the information included will have significant impact on the final decision.

Whether you are receiving child support or paying it to the ex-spouse it is important to understand the basic specifications so you know when it can be increased or how it is handled by the legal system. Hiring an attorney for child support in Houston, TX, is one of the best ways to work through the divorce process so that you can make sure that everything is handled in a professional manner for achieving maximum results.

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