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The state of Texas understands that you work hard for your money every day which is why it does its best to protect the individual from creditors being able to take money from your check. On the flip side there are two major exceptions to the wage garnishment laws as well as Federal law overruling state law when it comes to student loans and IRS taxes. Within the state child support and alimony are both allowed to be garnished if the individual is behind on their responsibility.

For those who are not familiar with the regulations and have concerns about their paycheck being garnished it is necessary to speak with a Texas attorney who specializes in these matters. They can answer all questions and help with legal action if there are creditors threatening this type of action which is not permitted by the court system within the state. If you want to try and avoid a wage garnishment then you may need to work with the lawyer on alternative ways to satisfy your legal obligations outside of this method.

Garnishments can take place only when a ‘Writ of Garnishment’ has been authorized whether the individual has just moved to Texas but owes debts from a previous state or the bank account or property is going to be used. The effects of a garnishment can be significant depending on the size of the debt especially since money in bank accounts is not exempt from being taken to satisfy these debts. You should be represented by a qualified lawyer that can help you before the process gets too far by letting you know the different options such as bankruptcy or repayment plans.

Taxes, social security and insurance are legal debits from your check and when a wage garnishment in Texas occurs it is just more that you don’t see or have access to. Take the time to evaluate what is owed and speak with a legal representative to try and avoid the unpleasantness of having your employer involved in your personal business. State law protects you just as much as it protects those who need to receive payment based on legal obligations.

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