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In every case that involves the custody of children, determining child support will be a point of negotiation. However, you must keep this myth in mind: Child Support will cover your expenses.

Truth: Child support calculations are based on specific criteria relating to the parents’ income and how many children are in the home. The court will not take into account the parents’ living expenses in setting how much child support will be paid or received.

Only your income, your spouse’s income, parenting time, daycare, health insurance and special needs are considered in calculating child support payments. Child support payments are intended to maintain the children’s health and welfare, not to enhance the custodial parent’s lifestyle. This is an important insight to keep in mind when planning the amount of child support and spousal maintenance that will be needed.

In addition, the amount of child support will be impacted by the amount of parenting time during the year you have allocated to each spouse.

Clearly, very specific planning and calculations are needed to ensure that all parties’ needs, especially the needs of the children, are met.

Planning for child support, spousal maintenance and parenting time can be a very stressful experience. By speaking with one of our experienced divorce lawyers, we can help you calmly assess your situation and help you meet your needs.

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