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Are You Too broke to File for Bankruptcy? Do you think a Cheap Bankruptcy is Possible?

We are here to tell you that a Cheap Bankruptcy IS POSSIBLE! And it is possible with high quality representation too.

We received such an overwhelming response to our blog post about people being too broke to file bankruptcy that we decided to do something about it. We decided to offer our great service at a cheap, affordable and  reasonable price. Yes, cheap bankruptcy is possible in Houston. 

Our $1000 Chapter 7 bankruptcy Special

To honor the hard-working Houston public, we are pleased to announce a $1000.00 fixed fee Chapter 7 Bankruptcy special (plus costs). It must be a consumer case and your income must be under the median income (see below).



We think it is a shame that there are so many people out there that cannot afford the basic costs to get out of debt and get the fresh start that they deserve. We think it is a shame that Congress had to change the bankruptcy laws which caused you higher court costs and attorney fees. We understand your plight and we want to help you. Cheap bankruptcy is possible in Houston and we provide it to you.

So yes, a cheap bankruptcy is possible in Houston. It is possible to STILL get quality representation too. Our three bankruptcy attorneys have nearly 30 years of experience. We have handled thousands of cases and helped eliminate over $1 million dollars in debt. Please visit our website for more information about us and bankruptcy. You may also view our video with Bankruptcy Information.

Call us today at (713) 974-1151 to schedule a no-obligation consultation or feel free to email us at

MEDIAN INCOME        (after May 1, 2012)

                                                                    FAMILY SIZE

STATE           1 EARNER                2 PEOPLE     3 PEOPLE     4 PEOPLE     5 PEOPLE **
Texas               $40,925                       $55,653           $59,650           $65,875          $73,375

Add $7500 for each person in excess of 5


Bankruptcy Attorneys around the nation are taking part in this Bankruptcy Alphabet. See what other excellent attorneys are saying about the letter “C” in their blog posts.