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Located in Houston, Texas, Busby & Associates offers professional legal help in the areas of Bankruptcy, Divorce and Family Law through its team of highly experienced & qualified attorneys. We use our extensive legal knowledge and experience in handling high-pressure cases to help you navigate through the legal minefield. Michael G. Busby Jr. is a member of the State Bar of Texas, the Houston Bar Association, the Houston Association of Debtor’s Attorneys and is licensed to practice in the Federal Courts for the Southern District of Texas. Michael G. Busby Jr. and Samantha Frazier appear frequently in the Harris County, and Fort Bend County Family Courts in addition to appearing in other counties as well.

Legal Counsel for Divorce and Other Family Law Matters

Property division & issues involving children are always intense and it’s imperative that you have an attorney on your side who has the optimal negotiation & proven trial skills so as to represent your case in the best way possible. Our divorce attorneys who also handle other Family Law matters in Houston & other counties of Texas bring a wealth of experience to the table which is critical in the emotionally charged custody proceedings.

Different issues handled by divorce attorneys of Busby & Associates in Houston and other counties of Texas include divorce consultation, documentation & division of property (assets & liabilities), child custody, child support, alimony, modification, enforcement, etc. Each of these issues requires professional legal help as they are capable of affecting yours & your family’s life for many years to come.

We’ll Help You to Get a Fresh Financial Start

If you are grappling with debt and have been constantly harassed by the debt collection agencies, then believe us, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Over the years we have successfully represented numerous clients in the area of consumer bankruptcy (Chapter 7 & Chapter 13) so as to completely eliminate the debt or reorganize it at a lower debt payment over a period of 3-5 years. Our bankruptcy attorneys can help you to stop illegal debt collection attempts made by the creditors and also counsel you on building good credit.

We strongly recommend that you talk with us before squandering your money on foreclosure prevention, loan modification, credit counselor or debt settlement companies. More information on various legal services offered by us in consumer bankruptcy & Family Law matters could be obtained from the links given on the left side.

The following videos are informational videos made by attorneys at Busby & Associates to give better understanding of the concept of Bankruptcy & Family Law.

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