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Do you have a mortgage with Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America and seeks a loan modification in Harris County?

This is what to consider when seeking help from loan modification:
You may have seen the ads or heard radio solicitations of these companies. You may have received offers by mail. Your house can be mortgaged. You are looking for help loan modification in Harris County. If use one of these companies is advertising assistance?

We are not here to give an opinion about the value or the solvency of the companies that offer help in the loan modification. However, unfortunately we only see the aftermath. A consumer hired a company to obtain loan modification help in Harris County. However, the house still making the foreclosure sale. Normally we only see the failures of loan modification companies. Obviously there are also successes. We just want to be sure to avoid scams.

We want to ensure that you understand what a company loan modification assistance and what you can and can not do. We want to help you recognize a scam and help you understand your rights when it comes to a company that provides mortgage assistance relief. We want to help you understand what is required when it comes to helping companies loan modification.

Companies that provide loan modification help mortgage Harris County must comply with certain rules. If these companies offer relief assistance of the mortgage, then they must meet the mortgage assistance relief services Rule (MARS). The FTC offers a fact sheet on the rule here .

Beware of scams when looking for loan modification help in Harris County

It helps companies advertise loan modification can stop or prevent the execution or to negotiate or arrange a mortgage modification for you. If you have a loan with Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America , these companies are not allowed to say what you should or can not communicate with your lender or servicer.

  • It is illegal for these companies to charge upfront fees.
  • They are not allowed misrepresent your mortgage payment obligation. For example, they can not tell you to stop making payments to increase the likelihood of obtaining a mortgage loan modification. If they do, then you should explain the consequences of not making payments.
  • These companies can not be confused with advertising making misleading statements designed to make you think they are affiliated with the government, a nonprofit organization, a lender or mortgage servicer.
  • They can not say the probability of success or likelihood of a particular outcome or get a loan modification.
  • They are not allowed to say a time frame anticipated for resolution.
  • They can not mislead the terms of the offer loan modification. They should tell your lender may not agree to the terms proposed in his name.
  • They should tell the total cost of services and can stop using them at any time.
  • Finally, it can confuse saying they are giving legal advice and receive legal representation. Most of these companies are law firms or lawyers. They do not know the laws about foreclosures. Do not rely on them if your home is for sale. If your home is for a foreclosure sale, you should seek competent legal representation as well as, while searching for a mortgage loan modification.

Do not pay in advance to a company when seeking loan modification help in Harris County

One way to know that is not compatible with a company loan modification help is, if they require payment in advance.

Under the rule of the emergency services in mortgage assistance, the company that provides these services may not charge a fee upfront. Only you should be paid for services once accepts a written offer mortgage relief Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America  that will be delivered to you. Companies that provide mortgage relief are not allowed to charge interim rates. This means you can not charge for a consultation, financial information, reviewing documents preparation or communication with your lender.

Companies loan modification assistance can not mislead the terms of any reimbursement of funds paid them.

 The best way to get help from loan modification is your current mortgage company

You probably do not need a company to help you get a mortgage loan modification. Most of our customers who received a loan modification aid in Harris County did through their own efforts. Most mortgage companies like Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America  have created a special department to handle loan modifications. Most companies have websites with all the information and forms you need to obtain a loan modification.

The forms required for modification are nearly the same for each mortgage company. First you are asked to complete an application for mortgage assistance. Most mortgage companies also require you to explain why you need the help. You will be asked to submit financial information to show proof of income and monthly household budget. Pay stubs are the main way to provide this information. Finally, you are asked to complete IRS Form 4506T your mortgage company may receive your recent tax returns.

Most of this information is available online at this  website .

 We strongly recommend contacting your mortgage company directly for help loan modification in Harris County

If you have a loan with Wells Fargo , go to this website  as a starting point for loan modification help.

Wells Fargo phone number customer is (800) 678-7986
The address for mailing documents is:

Wells Fargo Bank
PO Box 10335
MAC: X2302-017
Des Moines, IA 50306

If you have a loan with JP Morgan Chase , go to this website for the starting point of loan modification help

JPMorgan Chase
PO Box 469030
Glendale, CO 80246
Phone (866) 550-5705

If you have a loan with the Bank of America , go to this website for the starting point of loan modification help

Bank of America
Unit MHA Climbs
PO Box 940070
Simi Valley, CA
Phone (866) 382-0489

If you have a mortgage with a company that is not listed here, to get your contact information go to the website and find your company mortgage and / or loan manager.

If for foreclosure or if you have not obtained loan modification help, then you need to contact the law firm Busby & Associates. Sometimes a loan modification is very beneficial and sometimes it is not.

If your home is for sale, not to expect approval of the loan modification. You have to do something now! We are here to help. Our bankruptcy law firm has helped thousands of people save their homes. If you need help and you need it now, please call us.

Please visit our  website  for more information about us and quiebra.Llámenos at (713) 974-1151 to schedule a free consultation or feel free to contact us at