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Tomball Bankruptcy Attorney

If Tomball, Texas resident owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in personal back income taxes, the Bankruptcy attorneys at Busby & Associates may be able to make the tax debt go away. If the taxes were due more than three years ago, were filed more than two years ago and have not been assessed in the past 240 days, Busby & Associate’s bankruptcy attorneys may be able to fully eliminate Tomball resident’s personal income taxes in a bankruptcy. This would include eliminating all of the penalties and interest associated with those tax years. All the Tomball bankruptcy lawyer at Busby & Associates need to get started is the Tomball resident’s tax transcripts.

Tomball Bankruptcy Divorce Attorney

Tomball Divorce Lawyer : If Tomball, Texas resident owe a former spouse child support, the Divorce attorneys at Busby & Associates may be able to work an extended payment plan on the child support arrears. If Tomball residents are seeking collection of back child support, then our attorneys both prosecute and defend child support enforcement. Post divorce actions are common where the parties continue to co-parent together after finalization of their divorce. One way to reduce the ongoing litigation is to anticipate during the divorce future disputes. A final decree of divorce that is narrow in interpretation is the best way to reduce future litigation. Our firm has prepared thousands of final decrees of divorce. As a result, almost every type of facts pattern has been encountered which makes the language to gives order to the remedy in that fact pattern has been troubled shot by our firm.