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Stafford Bankruptcy Attorney

Stafford Bankruptcy Attorney

If the residents of Stafford, Texas wages are being garnished by a creditor, for student loans or back Internal Revenue Service (IRS) taxes, Stafford bankruptcy lawyers at Busby & Associates can help. The ability to help people with wage garnishments comes from the federal law protections in chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Once the bankruptcy attorneys at Busby & Associates file a Stafford resident’s bankruptcy, the wage garnishment STOPS immediately. If you set up a chapter 13 reorganization plan, then the taxes or student loans can be paid back to prevent future wage garnishments. If the Stafford resident has a garnishment from a creditor, then Busby & Associate’s bankruptcy attorneys would be able to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for you and make that debt go away forever.

Divorce Attorney & Divorce Lawyer

If the residents of Stafford, Texas’wages are being garnishment by a former spouse creditor, for child support or back spousal support, Stafford divorce lawyer at Busby & Associates can help. The ability to help people with pending post-divorce enforcements of child support, spousal support, and property divisions is two-fold. First, one may seek to defend in state court from the enforcement action. You may have defenses, which could mitigate the potential liability to your former spouse or partner. Second, you may the ability to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy in which you could stay the enforcement for up to five years or potentially discharge enforcement for enforcement on a property division incident to a divorce. Busby & Associates can also help Stafford residents with divorce, suit affecting the parent child relationship, and adoptions matters.

The divorce attorneys frequently travel to Fort Bend County for family law matters. Service is always the objective of the firm. Assisting individuals and families through this difficult transitional period will always be emotionally difficult, but does not have to be financially difficult if you assist us in timely prosecuting your case and concluding it.