Matagorda County Bankruptcy Lawyer

Residents of Matagorda County, Texas, who have received a 20-day notice via first class or certified mail regarding the sale of their home by the finance company need to contact a legal representative from Busby & Associates as soon as possible. This notice is required by state law before your home can be auctioned for sale on the 1st Tuesday of any month. However, your attorney can recommend that you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in order to cease these proceedings and give you an option to remain in your home. After the filing and terms are approved, home owners have the opportunity to past the amount in arrears over a 5 year period which includes home association dues and property taxes that are behind as well. On a 2nd mortgage, you may be able to pay pennies on the dollar (as long as there is no property equity from the 1st loan) while the lien is being discharged.

To view foreclosure notices in your area visit the Matagorda Justice of the Peace Court website.

Repossession of a Vehicle

Whether you have fallen behind on your car payments to the dealerships listed below or you have already had your vehicle repossessed there are legal options available to you. Check with a Busby & Associate attorney about filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy which will allow you to have a lower interest rate (about 5%) and/or only be required to pay on the current value of the vehicle instead of the owed amount. If the vehicle has already been repossessed then an ‘emergency’ Chapter 13 bankruptcy must be filed within 10 days of this event (per Texas state law) in order for the owner to retain possession while paying the back payments.

Car dealerships in Matagorda County, Texas: Bay City Chevrolet Buick, Don Davis Dealerships, Ford of Bay City Bobby, Freedom Ford Lincoln Mercury, Tyro Auto Sales.

Mobile Home Bank Notes

Matagorda County residents who own mobile homes in any of the parks listed below may find themselves in a situation where they have fallen behind on the payments. When this happens, contact a Busby & Associate lawyer who may recommend a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to help catch you up on the arrears. In these cases, the mobile home receives an updated appraisal and the current value becomes the new ‘owed’ amount which must be paid within a 5 year time period instead of the traditional 15 to 30 years on the original note. The goal is to give the owner a lower amount that is more financially reasonable for their current situation.

Mobile home parks in Galveston County, Texas: Angleton Mobile Home Community, Bronco Bend RV Park, Corral RV Park, Cottonwood Creek Mobile Home Park, Lamplight Park, Lighthouse RV Park LLC, North Meadow Estate, Pecan Forest Mobile Home Park.

Credit Card Suits

In Texas the Justice of the Peace Courts are responsible for handling credit card lawsuits for residents of their county. In Matagorda County there multiple precincts where these cases can be heard but if you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy under the Chapter 11 Title of the Bankruptcy Cod then you may be able to avoid these proceedings altogether. This specific bankruptcy requires the applicant to meet an income means test and provide the total amount of their unsecured debt for consideration. A Busby & Associate representative can walk you through this process and if approved the debt can be discharged in as little as 4 months. The attorney can then assist with updating your credit report so you can start with a clean slate.

Justice of the Peace Courts:

  • Matagorda County Justice of the Peace Court: Precinct 1
  • Matagorda County Justice of the Peace Court: Precinct 2
  • Matagorda County Justice of the Peace Court: Precinct 3
  • Matagorda County Justice of the Peace Court: Precinct 4
  • Matagorda County Justice of the Peace Court: Precinct 6

Bankruptcy Need to Know Info:

Matagorda County, Texas, residents will attend Bankruptcy Court at 601 Rosenberg, Galveston, Texas 77550 (location of USPS office and local Courthouse). The one trustee for Chapter 13 and one trustee for Chapter 7 filings are located at the Southern District of Texas/Galveston Division. Please be advised that bankruptcy is Federal Law.

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