The Consumer debt focused lawyers at Busby & Associates assist Katy, Texas residents who are being threatened with car or auto repossession. We can help you negotiate a settlement with you auto finance company that brings your payments current. Katy bankruptcy attorney at Busby & Associates may also be able to negotiate a structured short term payment arrangement designed to bring your car or auto payments current. Busby & Associate’s bankruptcy attorneys can also put your vehicle’s under federal bankruptcy protection that will PREVENT any repossession. In the chapter 13 bankruptcy, Katy residents will be able to pay older cars or autos at what they are worth; not what they owe. The Katy residents will also be able to bring their interest rates down to 5.25%.

Katy Divorce Attorney & Divorce Lawyer

Katy Divorce Lawyer : The divorce focused lawyers at Busby & Associates assist Katy, Texas residents who are experiencing marriage and/or parenting difficulties with a spouse or former lover. Busby & Associates has a branch office located at 1804 Snake River Road, Suite C, and Katy, Texas 77449. Our firm frequently appears in the courts of Harris and Ft. Bend County. Dissolving a marriage is a life event that I frequently equate to a close relative dying. The event is never easy. At times, it may be that because of the conflict of personalities, relief is granted by the dissolution, at the same time, reliance on the former spouse or lack thereof is not realized until the judge signs the final papers. Our attorneys have life experience with their own families such that your story will be told to the fact finder with caring and compassion. Busby & Associates has served Katy, Texas resident through its branch office since 2008. Our firm prides itself on service and any complaints about a client not being timely informed of the status of their case are immediately brought to the managing partners’ attention. Service by an experienced family law attorney can result in your case coming to a quick resolution. Hiring a lawyer can be almost as difficult as making the decision to file for divorce. Your trust is the most important element of the relationship once you retain our firm. I shall work to keep and maintain your trust during this difficult time.