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Jersey Village Bankruptcy Attorney

Jersey Village bankruptcy lawyers at Busby & Associates are helping all Jersey Village, Texas residents whose homes are in foreclosure. If you have received a notice of foreclosure, Busby & Associates can help by filing a court ordered chapter 13 reorganization plan. Jersey Village residents can file for federal protection that STOPS the foreclosure sale that day. In the repayment plan, the mortgage arrears would be paid back over three (3) to five (5) years are no interest. The Jersey Village residents would start paying their mortgage payments like normal. When the plan is done, the bankruptcy attorneys of Busby & Associates will have helped you pay back the mortgage arrears and the Court will then deem your mortgage current.

Jersey Village Divorce Attorney

Jersey Village Divorce Lawyers : The divorce lawyers at Busby & Associates are helping all Jersey Village, Texas residents with family law and divorce matters. Our firm has a branch office located at 4522 FM 1960 Rd West Houston, Texas 77069. Our firm prides itself on the ability to file your case within one business day of retention of the firm. I believe that service from a law firm should be as quick as possible. Many times the case is active for up to a year because of the backlog in the court system. While the courts in recent years have reduced the wait time to bring your case to final trial, most courts set cases for 8 months to a year before your case can be brought to final trial. Within our firm, phone calls and correspondence to the client are always a priority. I firmly believe that everything about your case should be sent to you within one business day when document or correspondence was received by my office. Our firm can assist you both in contested and uncontested matters. I handle mostly family law matters and my firm makes daily visits to the family law courts. As a result, both my lawyers and I are familiar with the different judges within Harris County and surrounding counties. While a judge’s political affiliation is an indicator as to that judge’s philosophy, many judges do not follow the party line therefore knowing how a particular judge has ruled on certain facts in the past can be beneficial in a family law matter.